20051214 Wed Epee ASC
no class suzanne sick, so just bouting,. Paul, Jackie, kid?, me.
Fenced Cory, Augusta, &?n in foil
20051213 Tue
no LB so Chris N. Juan, Hubbell, and I carpooled up to ASC
setup the metal strip yay, and bouted lots...
Augusta 4/5
Cory 5/3?
Chuck 5/?, 5/4
Nadia 5/0, 5/3 (lots of infighting)
Juan 5/?, 5/4
Chris N. 5/1?
20051209 Fri Lkwd
no bev, so had to do the L1&L2 bouting, thankfully Deborah helped, and it was a small class
L3 did a pool competition.
20051208 Thu ASC
no class did L1 bouting
then exhibhition bouting electric for news camera
20051207 Wed Epee ASC
20051206 Tues LB
bout night - 2 L1's and 3 L2's
then did 15 point king of the Hill
Hubbell, Greg, Chris, Juan, Glen - yay me king. ouch my thigh & fingers... :}
20051204 Sun OCD
Foil (only)
did good in pool 5/1 beat Marek lost to Jamie Wood
last touch vs Marek 4/4 I counter and twist, my back foot lands on the floor towl and I do splits - reverse direction - and still somehow got the touche!
directed Wood vs Marek - and Marek was PO'd over my directing blah can't even see parry repost, blah, shouldn't be directing blah. annoyed and disturbed me and threw me off when I fenced Jamie next.
seed 7
got to round of 8 lost to Anen 4/15
he got me about 4 time on the right shoulder - I managed to do the flick parry twice, but my repost almost all failed, & my feints were either transparent or I was unable to pull them, and he's hugely long, I didn't retreat enough.
renewed my D05
hung around to help with the Jr Olympics Quals a bit
then over to tracy's for El Pollo Loco & Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead - nice screen - with Cory, Geoff & his Mom, Bev, & Christina?

Final Results
Tournament: OCD December 2005
Event: Open Mixed Foil
Location: CSULB
Date: Sunday, December 04, 2005 - 9:00 AM
Event class: B2
Place Name Club Division Old Rating New Rating
1 Anen, Cedric CIT SOCAL A05
2 Staelens, Yann CIT SOCAL A05
3T Moran, David SOUTHCST ORCST B05
3T Lee, Alexander SOUTHCST ORCST C05
5 Hershberger, Aric SWASH ORCST D05
6 Robinson, Tim COUT SOCAL D05
7 Conow, Chris LAFC SNBER C04
8 Daniluk, Robert BHFC SOCAL D05
9 Wood, Jaime SOUTHCST ORCST E05
10 Baik, Matthew SOUTHCST ORCST U E05
11 Chan, Duane CONEJO SOCAL C03
12 Parish, Mike SWASH ORCST D05
13 Wood, Elizabeth LAIFC ORCST U
14 Piatkowski-Nazarro, Marek LAIFC SOCAL B05
15 Lee, Thomas SWASH SOCAL U
16 Grossman, Scott UNAT ORCST C05
17T Nemanick, E. Joseph CIT SOCAL C05
17T Hart, Jeffrey SWASH ORCST D05
19 Ramos, Luis CAB SND E05
20 Sidenblad, Ann BHFC SOCAL C02
21 Farley, Robert UNAT SOCAL U
22 Noyes, Christopher COUT SOCAL E05
23 Navarro, Reynaldo SOUTHCST ORCST U
24 Lee, Nadia SWASH ORCST U
25 Stelter, Thomas SWASH ORCST U
26 Ahern, Thomas SOUTHCST ORCST U
27 Lyle, Geoff SWASH ORCST E05
28 Stone, Sunny SOUTHCST ORCST U
29 Sette, Alessandro CAB SND U
30 Langford, Brandon MACBEAN SOCAL U
31 Lambson, Danny SWASH ORCST U
32 Vilnrotter, Katherine USC SOCAL U
33 Lin, Stacy USC SOCAL E02
34 Schmidt, Deborah SWASH ORCST U
35 Ballen, Linden DESERT SNBER U
36 Winans, Donald SWASH ORCST U
37 Mateo, Judd LASD SNBER E05
39 Watson, Jalisa LASD SNBER U
40 Watson, Jayla LASD SNBER U
41 Hooper, Jacquelyn SWASH ORCST U
42 Iizuka, Sawako LAIFC SOCAL U
43 Woody, Warren LAIFC ORCST U
44 Kong, Pei SWASH ORCST U
45 Watson, Jalonda LASD SNBER U
46 Woo, Angeles BHFC SOCAL U
47 Mullins, John SWASH ORCST U
48 Martin, Aki LANCIER SOCAL U
49 Navarro, Miguel SOUTHCST ORCST U
50 Collier, Augusta SWASH ORCST U
51T Sandlin, Selena SWASH ORCST U
51T Auchmoody, Ian SOUTHCST ORCST U

Pool #4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 V TS TR Ind Pl
Wood, Jaime (SOUTHCST) 1 X V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 6 30 8 +22 1
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 2 D2 X V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 5 27 9 +18 2
Piatkowski-Nazarro, Marek(LAIFC)3 D4 D4 X V5 D2 V5 V5 3 25 18 +7 3
Stone, Sunny (SOUTHCST) 4 D1 D0 D2 X V5 V5 V5 3 18 22 -4 4
Kong, Pei (SWASH) 5 D1 D0 V5 D1 X D2 D2 1 11 27 -16 6
Vilnrotter, Katherine (USC) 6 D0 D0 D0 D3 V5 X V5 2 13 23 -10 5
Watson, Jalonda (LASD) 7 D0 D0 D1 D3 V5 D1 X 1 10 27 -17 7

(7) Hershberger, Aric - D05
(58) -BYE-

(7) Hershberger, Aric - D05 15 - 5
(26) Stone, Sunny - U

(7) Hershberger, Aric - D05 15 - 8
(23) Wood, Elizabeth - U

(7) Hershberger, Aric - D05
(2) Anen, Cedric - A05 4 - 15

20051131 Thur Foil ASC
20051130 Wed Epee ASC
evals - bouting with Jackie, Paul & John
20051129 Tues LB
Jerry came by.
did double disengage with L2
20051123 Wed Epee ASC
Just me & Paul, but did some good bouting.
20051122 Tues
L2 went fine, a bit slow? didn't get as much done, maybe started late
didn't do any L3+ very little bouting, everyone was eh...
20051118 Fri LKWD
20051117 Thurs Foil ASC
20051116 Wed Epee ASC
20051115 Tues LB
20051113 Sun San Diego Epee
got my D05 in Epee
Tournament: E & Under Foil, Epee & Sabre Open
Event: Open Mixed Epee
Location: Mission Bay High School
Date: Sunday, November 13, 2005 - 10:30 AM
Event class: A1
Place Name Club Div Old New Rating
1 Polakoski, David UNAT SND B05 A05
2 Marsh, Tim NOF SND A05
3T Wais, Josh NOF SND A05
3T Alexander, Chuck NOF SND A05
5 Hau, Kei NOF SND B04
6 Bohn, Grace UNAT SND U C05
7 Hershberger, Aric SWB ORCST E05 D05
8 Tibbs, Timothy NOF SND B05
9T Huang, Ken Yen FOF ORCST C05
9T Getsla, Chris CAB SND D05
11 Bean, Randy SMB SNBER D03
12 Weiss, Darryl CAB SND U
13 Martin, Karen NOF SND U
14 Gillcrist, Katherine CAB SND U
15 Ambrose, Elizabeth CAB SND C05

20051007 Sun OCD USFA meet

Final Results
Tournament: OCD November 2005
Event: "D" Mixed Foil
Location: CSULB East Gym
Date: Sunday, November 06, 2005 - 9:00 AM
Event class: C2
Place Name Club Division Old Rating New Rating
1 Weitekamp, Raymond FORTUNE SOCAL D05 C05
2 Hershberger, Aric SWASH ORCST D05 (renewed my D05 already)
3T Robinson, Tim COUT SOCAL D05
3T Hart, Jeffrey SWASH ORCST D05
5 Pingel, Thomas UCSB SOCAL D04
6 Lam, Jamie Pui Shan UCLA SOCAL U E05
7 Wood, Jaime SOUTHCST ORCST E05
8 Choy, Benedict UCI ORCST E04 E05
9 Parish, Mike SWASH ORCST D05
10 Phuong, Kevin JMHS SOCAL U
11 Fournier, Jean Philippe SOUTHCST ORCST E05
12 Holguin, Peri LAIFC SOCAL E05
13 Noyes, Christopher COUT SOCAL E05
14 Hsu, Tiffany UCLA SOCAL E02
15 Ramos, Luis CAB SND E05
16 Stone, Sunny SOUTHCST ORCST U
17 Huang, Ken Yen FORTUNE ORCST E04
18 Price, Cory SWASH ORCST E04
19 Serpik, Andrei LAVERNE SOCAL D03
20 Wood, Elizabeth LAIFC ORCST U
21 Quilop, Aunesto LJG SND U
22T Aguirre, Cesar GFS SOCAL U
22T Lagdame, Patrick JMHS SOCAL U
24 Dobrzanski, Lucas GFS SOCAL U
25 Lee, Nadia SWASH ORCST U
26 Koerner, Elijah LAVERNE SOCAL U
27 Conde, David LAVERNE SOCAL U
28 Lee, Thomas SWASH SOCAL U
29 Sykes, Charlie MACBEAN SNBER U
30 Langford, Brandon MACBEAN SOCAL U
31 Woody, Warren LAIFC ORCST U
32 Beyer, Chuck SWASH ORCST E05
33 Leung, Edison SOUTHCST ORCST U
34 Kuark, Christine UNAT ORCST U
35 Klinger, Ilya UCI ORCST E02
36 Moran, Daniel JMHS SOCAL U
37 Vendl, David SWASH ORCST U
38 Stelter, Thomas UNAT ORCST U
39 Woo, Angeles UNAT SOCAL U
40 Canann, Alana SOUTHCST ORCST U
41 Mateo, Judd LASD SNBER U
43 Winans, Donald SWASH ORCST U
45 Watson, Jalonda LASD SNBER U
46 Hooper, Jacquelyn SWASH ORCST U
47 Watson, Jayla LASD SNBER U
48 Winans, Marie SWASH ORCST U
49 Micco, Dominic SWASH ORCST U
50T Schmidt, Deborah SWASH ORCST U
50T Valdez, Eric ASU AZ U
52 Mathur, Neil GFS SOCAL U
53 Collier, Augusta SWASH ORCST U
54 Sykes, Paul MACBEAN SNBER U
55 Schryver-Stahly, Katherine LAVERNE SOCAL U
56 Guerra, Astrid GFS SOCAL U
57 Siska, Kelly SOUTHCST ORCST U
58 McClure, Wallace SOUTHCST ORCST U
59 Ortiz, Nicole MACBEAN SNBER U
60T Williams, CJ SWASH ORCST U
60T Snytsheuvel, Andrew SOUTHCST ORCST U
62T Watson, Jalisa LASD SNBER U
64 McClure, Duncan SOUTHCST ORCST U
65 Doman, Nancy UCI ORCST U
66 Wilson, Hailee SOUTHCST ORCST U

Pool #2
1 2 3 4 5 6 V TS TR Ind Pl
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 1 V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 5 25 3 +22 1
Collier, Augusta (SWASH) 2 D1 D2 D0 V5 D1 1 9 21 -12 5
DeLeon, Alexa (SOUTHCST) 3 D0 V5 D1 D4 V5 2 15 19 -4 3
Phuong, Kevin (JMHS) 4 D2 V5 V5 V5 V5 4 22 8 +14 2
Schryver-Stahly, Katherine (LAVERNE) 5 D0 D1 V5 D1 D4 1 11 24 -13 6
Watson, Jayla (LASD) 6 D0 V5 D2 D1 V5 2 13 20 -7 4

(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05

(62T) Watson, Jalisa - U 3 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05 V

(34) Langford, Brandon - U 6 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05 V

(18) Noyes, Christopher - E05 9 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05 V

(7) Wood, Jaime - E05 5 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05 V

(11) Hart, Jeffrey - D05 9 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05 V

(4T) Weitekamp, Raymond - D05 15 - 11
(2) Hershberger, Aric - D05 D
20051004 Fri
4 for L2 but all L3 or advanced L2's so did crossover footwork and hitting drills
1 point dry king of the hill after
kicked out early, not sure if we had the room or not..
20051103 Thur
fenced Chuck worked on point control (russian) 5/4?
fenced Nadia worked on closing in 7 infighting
did drills with Nadia on repost and moving instead of leaning
fenced Nadia working on moving.
Chuck 7/4? 3 - much better on point control.
20051102 Wed Epee
basic epee class
fenced cory epee
Shawn foil 4?/5 (russian) tried to use distance but he kept it.
ramzi 10/3?6?(russian) worked on infighting & fletches
20051101 Tues
what the F*?! up with Hubbell ?! him & Juan nearly went at it. At first I thot he was just playing around, but.. huh...
ball on the string & did some point controll drilling & bouting
20051028 Fri
Just me & Audra so did some advanced L3 stuff with different beats, double, and some work on distance & parrys
20051027 Thur
drills on attack parry repost to hit
and beat attack hit
some fletche drills
bouted Chuck 5/?
Nadia 7?8?/3?4?
Geoff 5/6
20051025 Tues
bout night
L2(L3 since no 2's showed) Dir & eval
1 David Vendl
2 Glen Guzman
3 Chris Hubbell
4 Audra Shaw
5 Juan B
6 Chris Nezzer
bouted Hubbell 15/4?6?
David 5/1
20051023 Sun
Swashbuckler Open - USFA-OCD competition
Did really well.
came in 2nd. got my D05
Figred out 2 different things! - on Nadia - Never counter attack while going foreward! - only use it on your retreat - don't know when I forgot that...
with Shawn Hart - after on guard pull back my arm - shorten my apparent reach, suck him into distance punch out don't even need to lunge just advance.
need to work on counter attacks - still doing them too much
did a few fletches - don't think any hit on target, but felt they were better done.
need to remember to disengage & parry repost! - when I remembered them could do ok - 6 parry repost lever over the top and down in - works great- forget to try it.
my disengages just arn't working any more -lost my distance.
less lunges off ballence onto my front leg - but still too much.
Competition went well once it started.
there was some OCFA=Swashbucklers miscommuntication which resulted in at least 2 people showing who didn't know what a USFA competition required. - one left disapointed, one (mom)left pissed.
There were enough strips to have gone faster - if there were enough competent directors - and there weren't. Tracy, Me, Cory, Nemanick, Parrish, Shawn, - Ramzi & Geoff to a lesser extent, not enough since half were bouting most the time.

Final Results
Tournament: Open House Foil Tournament
Event: Open Mixed Foil
Date: Sunday, October 23, 2005 - 12:00 PM
Event class: C2
Place Name Club Division Old Rating New Rating
1 Koehler, Kelly LAFC NAT B05
2 Hershberger, Aric SWASH ORCST E05 D05
3T Hart, Shawn SWASH ORCST D05
3T Sidenblad, Ann BHFC NAT C02
5 Szebert, Raymond SWASH ORCST U E05
6 Holguin, Peri LAIFC NAT E05
7 Nemanick, Joe CALTECH NAT C05
8 Lyle, Geoff SWASH ORCST U E05
9 Baik, Matthew SCFC NAT U
10 Parish, Mike SWASH ORCST D05
11 Winans, Donald SWASH ORCST U
12 Price, Cory SWASH ORCST E04
13 Lee, Thomas SWASH ORCST U
14 Lee, Nadia SWASH ORCST U
15 Lambson, Danny SWASH ORCST U
16 Chamoun, Ramzi SWASH ORCST U
17 Stelter, Thomas SWASH ORCST U
18 Schmidt, Deborah SWASH ORCST U
19 Micco, Dominic SWASH ORCST U
20 Watson, Jayla LASD NAT U
21 Woo, Angeles BHFC NAT U
22 Massatt, Daniel SWASH ORCST U
23 King, Brian SWASH ORCST U
24 Watson, Ja'lisa LASD NAT U
25 Williams, Chelsea SWASH ORCST U
26 Winans, Marie SWASH ORCST U
27 Rawson, Matt SWASH ORCST U
28 Mateo, Judd LASD NAT U
29 Earnest, Jim SWASH ORCST U
30 Watson, Jalonda LASD NAT U
31 Collier, Augusta SWASH ORCST U

Round #1 - Pools
Pool #6
1 2 3 4 5 V TS TR Ind Pl
Lambson, Danny (SWASH) 1 X D0 V5 V4 D1 2 10 13 -3 3
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 2 V5 X V5 V5 V5 4 20 4 +16 1
Massatt, Daniel (SWASH) 3 D1 D4 X V5 D2 1 12 17 -5 4
Mateo, Judd (LASD) 4 D2 D0 D2 X D1 0 5 19 -14 5
Holguin, Peri (LAIFC) 5 V5 D0 V5 V5 X 3 15 9 +6 2

Round #2 - Direct Elimination
(31) Collier, Augusta - U 4 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - E05 V

(15) Lee, Nadia - U 11 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - E05 V

(10) Holguin, Peri - E05 9 - 12
(2) Hershberger, Aric - E05 V

(3) Hart, Shawn - D05 9 - 15
(2) Hershberger, Aric - E05 V

(1) Koehler, Kelly - B05 15 - 10
(2) Hershberger, Aric - E05 D
20051021 Fri - umm. no class...
20051020 Thur
L8? drills with Nadia
balestra, with pressure
and review 5 types of beats
ceeding parry,
fenced Shawn 3/5
then later on 5/2?3?
always feel I'm better in Foil, maybe just more confident?
chuck scraped up my upper arm :} but 5/3 & 5/0
?Lee 5/3?4? 5/0
20051019 Wed Epee at ASC
Jackie, John Rose & me for drills
fenced Cory,- ouch got me in the shin.
20051018 Tues LB
L2 Juan & Audra - did some extra
bouting vs. Juan 5/1?2?
Hubbell 5/2?3?
Vendl 5/1?2?
Juan 5/1?2?
20051014 Fri
no feeling too well, something I ate last nite I think - del taco. skipped
20051013 Wed Epee in ASC
a good Epee class & some adavanced Epee class too.
Jackie & Tracy
bouted Cory 0/1 on my hand opened too much, but! didn't do it agian.. 1/1 2/1 then up! 3/2 4/3 then missd th edouble & he got it - 4/4 then double 5/5 then 5/6
did git one good on top his arm, & a good infighitng hit
20051012 Tue LB
good L2 class, Greg got the new fencing time program so we did a mini-competition
2 pools 75% advance to 5 point DE's
I won :)
in pools vs Bob 5/3?2?
Audra 5/1?2?
Hubbell 5/?
in final DE vs Bob 5/0
20051007 Fri Lkwd
well Audra showed, Hubbell e grumbled & left. Bev was snipy
did some Fletch, and defence vs evasions, and work on holding her guard fully into 6.
20051005 Wed Epee
at the new ASC place. not alot of people for Epee, but there never were & this is more than last week in Westminster. Cory, John Rose, Shawn Hart, Paul (as lefty), me, then Naida, Shawn, Cory & someone else went and did foil too.
Why couldn't I fence this well at LBI!! geeze, even if it was just practice, I was doing alot! better in form & aim. ah well.
20051004 Tues LB?
went to Anaheim to the American Sports Centers new OCFA Salle - nice place, good setup.
Just Me, Chris Nezzer, Juan, Audra, & Shelley came from LB.
Tracy had a mini-competition going & we got there kind of late - fed us into it,
3 touch pools & 2 touch DEs. Chuck Beyer (lefty) getting good, or I just took too long to find my way about him, 2/3 in the pool and 1/2 in the DE (both him).
beat Nadia, Geoff (hard he's getting good), Thomas Lee, & ...? in pool
20051001 Sat LBI Epee
got some XS size shin guards cut them up & made a R forearm guard to block my arm strap
also got a reg size one cut up and lifted it for my R shin - over inner sock under over sock
and a ankle brace for my left foot.
over all they were quite comfortable and didn't seem to make any reduction in movement.
missed doublesr to win on Gegan and hale at 4/3 they both made it 4/4 and got the win
Lim - shouldn've awaited him - but he got ahead early and I rushed to try
didn't follow thru pretty much ever
Daisy Flores - pressure & go worked well, full cheat-lunge worked was up 5/0 until she realized she couldn't just coast :) then 7/5 then... 12/15 only 2 doubles I think - and one on the win. just a bit too much counter.
20051002 Sun LBI Foil
2 in the pool from 4/3 to 4/5 Wood & the tall one - I really think I could've got them if I hadn't started to push too much at the end - felt I was the same speed, but I think my blood was up & I speed up & didn't realize it well.
conow 5/2 should've been 5/0 got a red for turnin my back when in close (2xs) that flusterd me & let him get on in.
DE was Daisy again, and she didn't go easy this time 2/15 I kept counter attacking far too close! every time it was her attack because she never gave up the attack and pushed it thru every time. prob 8 I just couldn't figure her distance for some reason. but she sure knew mine. & knew her Right of way,. my lunges failed she caught every one & got the repost, I was stuck and over leaning and she got me before I could move. I got about 5 good parry reposts, but only the 1st 2 were on target my point control fell as it went on. but I coujldn't get enought parry reposts, when I tried to drawn her in with a fieght attack she just parry & hit, when I tried to do a disengage she got too close & parry & hit.

20050229 Fri
no electric so got the L2+ going on a 1 point king of the hill then Tristin, Sage, & James showed to play too. - very hot in there no AC.
20050928 Wed
skipped epee - no one there last week anyway, and my wrists acting up, plus my ankle still a little tender - hopeing all will get better for LBI this weekend
20050927 Tue LB
no Bob, nobody at all on time, eventually 2 L1 & 5 L2+
d some extra advanced Lunge stuff.
my ankle sorta twisted got a brace, but it's too stiff/sharp try another.
20050926 Mon
footwork, attack parry repost, low-line attack with supination.
stretching with bev -eh
some practice bouting with Geoff.
slow all told
20050923 Fri Lkwd
L2 of 8 L1 of 1
all 4 lines, lowline, and attack/repost drills
open bouting I was fencing poorly, low on guard, coming in with bent arm and hard on guard, poor coupe, not keeping out of distance. gah,
Jerry 5/3?
hubbell 2/5
tried to work on infight with Deb but didn't do well
20050921 Wed Epee
class 1 - 1 newbie for Epee - taught him L1 class 1 stuff & sent him off to Foil instead.
did some drilling to hit the tennis ball & lunges & toe touch hits
no one to bout with :(
20050920 Tue LB
L2 - all repeats - so could do more & better drills
L3 - actually did some stuff, disengage & double disengage, and parry against the wall
fenced Glenn 10/5?6?
Juan 5/4 off 4/4 - my point control was slipping
Hubbell 4/5 off 4/4 used the Russian . that last point I totally thot I was just out of distance, either I was tired (yes) and misjudged it or he pushed just a bit extra.
20050919 Mon Talk Like a Pirate Day!
worked on distance & reposts & some on double dibisengages
bouted Nadia 10/6?
Shawn 8/4? to 9/10!! he learned me or I was overdoing the same things.
20050916 Fri
L2 went well col, col move, col random move, attack & repost random move
fenced Jerry 5/1
Deborah 5/2?3?
Hubbell 5/?
Shannon 5/4
Jerry 3/5 - going too low trying to work on infighting
James 5/1 - really 5/2 still don't know if he was playing or really was
Hubbell 5/4?
Audra 5/?
20050913 Tues
bout nite, dir, eval & bout L1+2
Audra Shaw 1st in L2 up to L3
20050912 Mon
footwork drills
parry drills
bev did good leg workouts and I overdid the crunches stomach cramp
she overdid the find your happy place drek
bouted Mike 10/6
Nadia 10/3?4?
Shawn 2/5
20050911 Sun Sep11
San Diego Bladerunner
inishail seed 19 of 46
U Winans 5/0 Swashbucklers made me work for it, but couldn't let 'em get any in a pool
D Panassie 2/5 gah, should've done much better, it was 0/4 before I realized I couldn't press him I had to let him come to me, didn't realize it in time, but I did figure him out before the bout was over!
U Quinn (L) 5/0 thot he might be more trouble, but he was hitting flat
E Dreeland 5/1 she was good, classic style mostly, but I could outreach her and used it
C Juson 4/4 then he got the last touch 4/5 but I pressed him well.
3rd of 6
V3 ts 21 tr 11 ind +10
seed 18
1st DE bye
2nd DE Dumkrieger, Gina C02 - was worred at first a C but 02 either out of the game for a while or never repeated a fluke. pressure, just outreaching, and parry with distance. 15/4
3rd DE Tarre Burgess B05 15/14 up to 14/10 then as Cory said he would he poured it on I tried to finish fast, didn't think I could time it out 14/13 then I changed back to using distance and looking for opening to direct attack,. on my final touch I totally 'saw' him move his arm up and down & open the target & adjusted my attack & right in. very on.
4th DE Alston, Tyler (tall black kid) D05 9/10 just tried to wait for an opening as Cory & Alexander Lee were telling me he's slow to attack like counters & reposts, alot like me. was up by 2 going into the 3rd period but I tried to push it thinking I had some leeway then he got it up to 9/9 on teh time. I won priority and tried to keep him off and just wait it out, but my feignt attacks either didn't fool him, or he just went for it anyway a lowline snuck in 20 seconds left. gah.
was a C1 tournament, because I knocked out Burgess there weren't enouh to get a B2! so no rank for me if I'd won would have gotten a D05
had some energy left, but no legs
$30 entry
$5 food
$15 half gas
around $50

need a new lexan faceplate for my mask, and new shoes.

Tournament was run ok, a bit slow, but they tried to get good directors instead of go faster, and I'd rather that than the other way around.

Tournament Bladerunner
Event Open Mixed Foil
Location UCSD
Date Sunday, September 11, 2005 - 930 AM
Event class C2
Place Name Club Division Old Rating New Rating
6 Hart, JS SWB ORCST D05
8 Hershberger, Aric SWB ORCST E05 of 46
19 Price, Cory SWB ORCST E04
24 Chamoun, Ramzi SWB ORCST U
42T Vendl, David SWB ORCST U
42T Winans, Marie SWB ORCST U
46 Winans, Donald SWB ORCST U

20050909 Fri
gah my fencing sucked - just couldn't get on.
Mike 2/5
Raymond 3?4?/5
Sage 4/2 was working on my point control only allowing to hit on the top forward shoulder - lots of off, but went to 6 min with only 4 hits
Mike 5/4 managed to body-weazle my way to some points, & 2 low lines, butot very good form
Raymond 4/5 from 4/4 just couldn't get inishiation, and had to counter & dodge.
20050906 Tues
LB L2 did lunge-walks, squat-hops, step-in-place, hop-jump,
instead of 3 up 2 back advance-retreats did reaction footwork, 1vs. the whole class ran thru all 6 plus me
point control drills
lunge-react drill
disengage drill
attack vs. repost drill
1/2 disengage drills
1/2 speed bout
and bouting to 5pts where lowline hit = 2 points.
brought the dvds swashbucklers in the news, & fencing music videos & Chris Nezzer got his projection to play them on the big screen.
bouted Glenn 15/6 got me quite tired, he's started continuing instead of stopping,but his point control is off.
then Greg 5/4 - good coupe's & I was slow.
20050905 Mon
LAIFC LA Div meet mens Epee
Epee pool
U Hale 5/1
he lifted hi hand and I think I got 3 on his arm there
A05 Shaginian, Tigran 4/5
B05 Jensen (L) 2/5
Couldn't find his shoulder - 3 could've been mine or doubles, if I could've aimed a 1/2 lower
shouldn't've posted he got inside my reach
E05 Mandalian 5/4
Mr. Stiffy failed small shim
up 4/2 and let him catch up not concentrating got a nice hand touch and kept trying to do it again, when should've gone for the double
B05 Harder 3/5
should've pushed more 3 doubles his on my reaction as I pushed him down the strip then I slowed & he kept pushing and I was missing
V2 -1 ind
4th of 6
Fixed Mr. Stiffy & it worked!
1st DE round of 64 got a bye
won 2nd DE
B05 Cropby 15/9?
2 doubles at end
he's got good point control but I got reach with posting (like Cory showed)
I slowed after the break 12/5 & he picked up so used tactics! & went for doubles at the end to finish
DE3 A05 Case 6/15
lunges went for toe & leg a lot (ouch) got floor several times & a few got me but got called floor
I pushed and he counters some doubles 2 me, some his
He pushed and I counter some doubles some his
could've gone vs. Craig Bansmer ifin I'd won }
$25 for entry to each event
15 food
total about $65
20050904 Sun
LAIFC LA div meet Mens Foil
Geoff was in my pool - so his mom has the full stats
1st DE vs Vendl 15/9
then Alexander Lee 6/15
didn't even get it to 3 min. didn't figure out what he was doing quick enough, body twist didn't stop a single hit of his - so my counters were all his touche, I couldn't seem to gain initiation on call of fence, it was always his. I did hit several times when he did a pause or slight pull back & I would go in. I didn't ever feel exhausted and loose because I was too tired. my new Russian grip was working fairly nicely.
Juson in my pool beat him using new Russian grip but at 3rd point it came loose, and for the last 2 points didn't dare let him beat the blade or try much parry - afraid the foil would fall apart! - and beat him 5/3?
Stuppler 3/5 thought I should have done better, but not sure could beat
very tall French guy coming back to fencing after 6 years - a bit wild, but his reach was huge. 1/5 I should have done much better, but couldn't get inside his reach, or stop him. should have been a way. my disengages are all COL's bah, and my lunges suck, always on one foot or more a hop than a push, need to work on those.
20050902 Fri
No Lakewood - so David, Cory & I went to South Coast Fencing Center - Tracy wouldn't go.
$10 a bit steep for just an hour - better if we'd gotten there at 730
fenced David, & Justin? some young tall kid swirl blade and counter attacked, beat him fairly easy.
Fenced lefty one arm asian - know him from Orange Coast can't recall the name, beat him fairly easy, and surprised me, recall him being much more difficult.
fenced Cory in Epee he kicked my butt at first, then when we were counting I was 4/1 before he came back to 5/4 slammed me in the neck, still sore.
Denny's afters, for bottomless hot coco
on the way back David got stopped for expired tags, and had the renewal sticker in the glove box, from October! }
my wrists were sore all day but don't seem any worse after the bouting..
20050830 Tues
L1 class 3
L2 class 6
bouted Bob 5/4?3? after breaking my blade! on a miss!
Tristin & Sage showed, too.
Hopefully Chris N will be able to fix me up 2 new blades by Fri
20050829 Mon
got there late missed most the footwork - too bad needed that
did some bladework
Bev did exercises, lots hops, and crunches - better than last week
fenced with Cory - just messed around but at least got a few touches
fenced Shawn 5/4 from 4/4 from 4/3 from 3/1?
fenced Nadia 4/5 from 4/4 she's getting hard to get into for infighting
20050827 Sat
great pirate play
amusing award certificates
Tracy got High Points Senior { P
Lots of people there - surprising # I knew.
20050826 Fri
L2 had 6 L1 had 1!
fenced James 4/5
Audra's doing better in bouting than in the drills - prob should put her up to L3
Hubbell & Audra flaked out early
broke a blade on a beat - snapped the barrel right off..
20050822 Mon
Shawn was there with his homemade box - X-box controller and laptop -cool, not sure it was perfect, kept going off on beats. that just seemed too much.
gah fenced Cory 0/5! did the same damn lunge attack every time and Cory did an easy parry repost every time what the! even said out loud to my self stop doing the same thing, and did it again!
20050819 Fri
bout night bouted directed & eval L2, eval L1
fenced Raymond 5/1?0?
Ramzi 5/0?
Mike 3?/5
Ramzi 15/9
Mike 12/15
mike was on, Ray was off, I was a bit tired & slow
20050817 Wed
Epee bout night
did some parry repost defensive drills with John
fenced John 7/5 he's slow but strong & better on defence
Raymond 7/6 he's wild but quick
a bit off and slow even tho tried to stretch out still sore from monday
20050816 Tues
LB. only half the L1s returned, but extra L2s showed, so I'm a bigger class than Bob again.
added hops to L2 warmups
Fenced Glen 5/2, Hubbell 5/0, David 5/2, Hubbell 5/4, Audra 5/3?
Mimis with Greg, Alex, David, Chris, Juan, me.
20050815 Mon
Bev kicked our butts with jumping jacks & hops, and stuff.
bouting mike 5/4 - but he wounded me on the wrist )
Nadia 5/2? she was off,
Geoff 5/4? he was doing well
Mike 3/5 I was getting tired? and showing too much back.
20050812 Fri
fenced Ramzi 5/3?
Ramzi 5/4
James 5/3
Ramzi 5/4
Mike 5/4
Ramzi 4/5
James 5/4
no pizzia everyone left 930
Rebeka came back
a lot of it was twisting out of the way and some was counter & hope for a 1 light - but there was some parry reposting & attack into prep.
20050810 Wed
epee - no one showed, Tracy did a bit eventually about 9? then when we were done and packing up Cory finally got there - bad traffic.ah well.
20050809 Tues
new session 4 in L2
finished up 'pool' from last week in 'L3+'
20050808 Mon
not really sure I like Bev's exercises/training - but I'll do what I can of them.
Fenced Cory 10/8 - he got pissed about something, but I don't think I was weaseling much, tryed not to, he was just missing.
Geoff 10/8? - gah his arms are getting longer & now he's starting to body weasel out of _my_ hits
Nadia 10/7? hard to get in there
Nadia 10/3? did more letting her commit & getting close in & double feints, body feint in attack then over top worked too.
my directing is getting worse I think, else people are just getting faster than I can see.
20050805 Fri
fenced Hubble 2x Victory me
then 1 victory him
then 5/1? victor me ha! revenge
Mike 5/4
fenced James 5/3
Raymond 5/4? and then 4/5!
arm really sore but not as bad as wed, either I'm doing better, or James is off his game, Raymond is better in foil than I see him in Sabre and far better than in Epee.
left a bit early when my arm started to really get sore, no pizza
Ramzi and Tristin, Sage, Kenji, Stu, Raymond's mom, Bev, Paul, Glen, me. not a bad showing all.
20050803 Wed epee
argh my arm is killing me - over used it - too much computer? & then epee heavy?
20050802 Tues
bout night
Dir & Eval L1 & L2
for L3+ did a pool - but one of the boxes blew a turtle/reel so it didn't get finished.
Tracy! came by to do some directing & stuff.
20050801 Mon
just me & Nadia, Bev did the work-out training - the exercises were ok, some I couldn't do 'cause my wrists, but the 'mental' stuff I could do without.
footwork - pulling the advance
bladework parry-repost, 4 & 6, disengage
footwork cheat-lunge extra long lunge.
20050729 Fri
Just 3 then 5 for L2 no L1 at all,. did new parry repost drill. one side has movement & start action does attack - other side does parry repost to hit.
then did electric
Fenced Raymond 5/1 and James 5/4 - and was on top of it the whole time. Hubbell just wasn't trying, think Rebeka distracting him. }
20050727 Wed
just me & John Rose - so we worked on some defensive Epee & some infighting.
20050722 Fri Lakewood
L2 small class L1 even smaller
added a distance to hit drill - one side gets direction the other must stay in distance to hit when I clap my hands.
then did the same with a parry repost drill one side gets direction and has their blade/arm out extended into attack the other must keep distance to not get hit but to be able to parry repost and land when I clap.
worked pretty good.
no one for open so gave all the L2s electric & had all them fence on the boxes.
tristin sage Kenji Shelley Bev & me to pizza
20050720 Wed epee
1 brand new student - & I ended up having to teach her everything...
she caught on fast, but I _really don't_ want to do a beginning class...
20050719 Tues
blades fixed
$6 new wire
$4 new tip
$28 new blade, wire & point

2004-05 Event Results
Sacramento, CA, 7/1/2005-7/10/2005


Cory's Note's from Nationals

Aric div. 3 epee
Pool 1
Top seed at tournament named Murphy.
Aric obliterated the first two opponents he faced. He beat Hueman 5 - 2 then Pendelton 5 - 1 but suffered a loss to his next opponent, Will, though he should have had him. In his fourth bout, against Murphy the number 1 seed at the tournament, Aric was destroyed 1 - 5. Although Aric should have had two touches, his equipment failed him and he did not notice 'till after he had lost two touches. Then another loss against Fazio 4 - 5 a very close bout but Fazio caught Aric on the arm for the final touch. Aric won his 6th against Ziechman 3 - 5 tying it at 3 wins 3 losses with a plus 2 indicator. A very good score and hopes for getting past the first DE in sight.
Aric had a bye in the round of 256, then was up against the 57th seed, Aric only seeding 74th, Aric had problems are first but got his act together in time to resurrect a losing streak. He was behind 5 to 1, in the beginning but worked hard to tie it up at 13 / 13, he gained the advantage of 13 / 14 and then hit a double winning the bout 14 / 15 a very deserving win against a pretty good opponent. After this he was up against an upset, who seeded 118th and somehow managed to upset his last opponent and its no wonder as this newcomer was better than the one Aric beat before it was a tough fight and Aric lost 9 / 15 somewhere in the round of 64 - A very good show for nationals.

Nadia Div. 2 women’s foil

Pool 1

Nadia came out strong being the only unrated fencer in her pool. She lost however the first two bouts 4 5 each time, a harsh loss but managed to bring it back around again for her third bout against a very tall left hander, who Nadia with simple parries and reposts easily took care of. She lost 5 0 to a girl with an amazing parry repost, and the last bout went to time at 4 3 she lost. Over all fencing well with a lack of parry reposts.

In Nadia’s First D.E, She went up against the 129th seed, while she herself was 128th. At first she started having trouble defeating her, while staying ahead it was close. As time grew on it became more and easier to get simple parry reposts in, and Nadia succeeded beautifully at it. It was close but it ended 10 11 for Nadia.

Nadia’s second DE was against the number 1 seed, and though she fenced well she was out fenced and was defeated. Overall Nadia fenced very well.

Brian’s Regalbuto 50s veterans saber

In Brian’s pools he managed to get hits on everybody in the pool, and for some reason or another did much better against the better opponents he faced, Scoring twice as much as the others.

In Brian’s D.E. he seeded 25th and faced the 8th seeded saberist, who was rated much higher than him. Brian Came out strong and scored a hit early on. At 6 to 8 Brian’s loss, he managed to score three amazing touches in a row bring the score to 8 to 8. The next action Brian pumped up from getting ahead made the most beautiful parry and swung, and missed the repost by a few centimeters and his opponent then counter attacked and hit. His opponent wiped the sweat form his forehead with a smiling shake from his head in silent gratitude that he had defeated Brian, and as he exclaimed, “He had me worried there for a bit!”

All in all This was brains finest bout of the day and shows an obvious improvement from his previous competition, proving his potential at saber.

Nadia’s Pools Women’s Div. III

Nadia started out slow in her Pools losing two times in a row, but quickly made a come back slaughtering her next opponent 5 - 0 a triumphant and well fought match. Again she made a come back almost duplicating her last bought but got tangled once letting her opponent speak one in. Her next opponent was tough and she fought hard, earning her next win, but the one that gave her, her hardest time was next. Though it was well fenced she only managed a couple points - Giving her 3 wins and 3 losses, not bad for being the only U in her pool.

Her first D.E. she managed a bye and then faced a tough fencer who seated in the 50’s while she herself seeded 75th. It was a very good bout but staying one behind her opponent all the way and with thirty seconds left on the clock, she raced the last few moments to get ahead but her opponent was much better on the defensive and would not let her score.

it was a very well fenced day for Nadia.

Men’s Senior Team foil
Coach Cory Price
Team Captain Ramzi
Fencer Mike Parish
Fencer J. Shawn Hart

Seeded 20th, out of 20 they went up against the 13th seed;

When first meeting their opponents the swashbucklers foil team, was aware of a dramatic age difference. Frankly it looked as if you added up all their ages it would seem as if all of them combined would not equal any one of their ages.
First up was Shawn strait out of the bull pin. He was faced against the younger of the youngling’s, who was not only much taller but much more aggressive than Shawn and was able to out reach him and won the bout. Shawn tried to size him up, but was unable to in time, however when he got off the strip he discussed some tactics with their very handsome and debonair Coach Cory ‘The Master’ Price and was able to size him up for
Mike to fence the next time.

It was Ramzi’s turn to unleash a horror upon the other team that they had never known before being his aggressive self, He tapped into his opponents fear and him tripping over his own feat to escape from Ramzi’s violent whirling attack and was able to make a giant come back, absolutely slaughtering the poor kid.

Mike came up against their toughest player, he managed to score a few points but the other team got ahead, together working as a team they, with their Absolute Dashing and clever Coach Cory ‘The Master’ Price, they came up with Strategies for all the fencers they came up against. Though taking turns and communicating well. They could not compete with the youthful energy of the opposing team. They threw mike a Ringer, in place of the poor scared little man that Ramzi’s and Shawn beat so badly and thus their opponents were unable to get ahead, and the swashbucklers only managed 36 points to their 45 and lost. a heart rendering but rather enjoyable occasion. Shawn ‘The man’ Hart said after shaking hands with their Victorious Opponents that “It was the most fun bout I've had today.”

Tracy Div 2 Women’s Saber.

Tracy’s pools were met with frustration. She had been sick for about a week prior and was already not feeling well. She fenced the hardest she could and managed victory only one time. Though she fenced well, she could have done much better, had she been well.

In Tracy’s D.E she got slaughtered against a very good saber fencer, and was knocked out. Although she did not do as well as she hoped she came off with good hope for the next day to start again on new feet.

Amy Div 2 Women’s Saber.

Women’s Team Foil
Coach Cory Price
Team Captain Nadia Lee
Fencer Deborah Schmidt
Fencer Ellen Cox

From the beginning the Swashbucklers Women’s Foil Team was up against the second seeded Women’s foil fencing team in the nation. The first opponent Ellen faced was a very clean and well fenced Right hander, who managed to use deft parry’s and long lunges to beat Ellen’s aggression and even longer lunges though she did manage a touch. Nadia was up next against a very tall left handed fencer and was unable to escape from her long lunges. Although when she got her parries in, she reposted beautifully but due to her opponents height advantage she could not get inside fast enough to deliver the critical blows she needed. Nadia was fencing very well but could not seem to follow threw with her attacks, she only managed 1 hit.

It came time for Deborah to shine, Getting one hit and in a row bringing morale up for the team. She took advantage of her opponent’s odd movements and by pushing her down the strip managed to trip her up into critical errors, scoring one touché this way! Brilliant thinking her on her part.

Nadia Came up for the last bout and threw a lot of spectacular fencing she managed to score two more touches against the strongest opponent on the other team. Using her speed and quick parry reposts and excellent in-fighting she was able to throw her opponent off enough to bring the Final score to 5 45 a tough fight against the nations second best women’s foil team!

Beverly Womens Saber div. 3

Amy Gelnaw Womens saber div. 3

Tracy Div. 3
Tracy showed much improvement from the previous day, fencing hard and fast, showing a determination all her own. She Fenced very well, getting her parry reposts in, if a little slow, beating 4 of her 6 Opponents. She seeded in the 50’s and in her DE’s she slaughtered her Enemy 15 8, getting tired in the end and giving up 3 touches in a row due to slow reposts.

Her second DE was against a girl she had fenced before and only got one touch on her, while this daunted her she never gave up scoring 11 touches! Again with beautifully executed parry and reposts. In the face of defeat Tracy was excited to have scored so much on a person she had thought she had had no chance of beating. She came close and that taste was good felt.

Aric Mens Epee Div. 3

In Aric's pools, he managed to beat one opponent, by default. His opponent punched Aric in the face, because he thought Aric was a Viking and he was the worst pirate ever.

And then after that, Aric’s Coach Cory ‘The Master’ Price woke up from a small nap Aric started fencing. His first opponent was very, very, very defensive. He would stay one ahead of Aric, and not let Aric Get close to him. Aric tried not to be overly aggressive but managed to lose track of the time. The score ended 1 to 2 not in his favor.

He woke up and thought to himself. “Hmm.. I only have three minutes to complete these so called Pool bouts. Alright then.” And went on defeating Hetlich 5 to 3 in favor of Aric, Hetlich would touch the blade and instantly go to his cart, doing a counter to the outside low. This being so obvious to Aric that he managed to score two very easy and masterfully executed touches to Hetlich’s hand. Third was a man from Beverly hills named Lucas who beat him 5 1 Aric was getting slightly to close giving Lucas the advantage. Powel was up next and Aric beat 5 4, it was a close one but Aric felt confident he would win. It was only label because Aric sorta did a stupid Parry cart and let him hit. Of course he needed the advantage so Aric kindly let him take it. The fifth one was very tall and very long, even according to Aric, Aric beat him 5 4 on a double. Aric kept very good distance but lifted his arm to much letting his opponent score. Timmetti was the best in the pool, Aric thought he had no chance, but keeping his distance in check managed to out think and fence Timmetti 5 3. Aric won 4 and lost 2, seed 53 he started out seed 120 of 138.

Aric had a bye in the round of 256

Then in the round of 128 he fenced a kid named will p. they both started with a yellow card because neither of them which he won 15 6, when he got aggressive he would flesh, and Aric could easily evade and destroy him. He would attempt to take the blade but managed not to, he had talent but not so great. Aric was also much taller and handled himself nicely.

Jerry De’raad was his next opponent in the round of 64, he was a B rated fencer and not a bad one either. Aric fenced him very well, scoring hit after hit but Jerry switched up and started a come back. Aric started to get tired and fell behind without the energy to keep up Jerry won, but it was a close and hard fought match. Aric fenced very well and might have been able to take him had he had his energy with him.

Mens Saber team
Coach Cory Price
Team Captain Ramzi
Fencer Brian
Fencer Mike

The Saber team did well scoring several points against one of the top teams. Towards the end of the excursion mike decided to start moving his feet, when he did so he scored several touches in a row completely throwing off his baffled opponent. All in all the Saber team could use work, but they definitely show signs of improvement and development. Dennis had a few very nice touches, and Ramzi being his aggressive self was able to touché as well. As a side note, Ramzi does much better being defensive in saber. 23 45.

Being very young their speed helped them a lot, the Swashbuckler Saber team being older lost a lot of attacks do to their opponents youthful speed.

Mens Veteran Foil 50 and older Mike Parish

Mike lost to all but one of his opponents in his pools, and seated close to the bottom, drawing a tough fencer in the first DE, he decided to get his act together and managed a win, but lost his second DE.

Shawn Hart seemed to excel in the Pools in the same way mike did not. Shawn won 4 of his 6 matches and was seeded relatively high.

His first opponent was weise, whom he destroyed. Weise could not control distance and Shawn took complete advantage scoring hit after hit on simple parry reposts and counter attacks, well thought out and planned counter attacks. The score was 10 2 and Shawn was on fire!

His next opponent, one who beat him in the pools before 4 5 was an A rated fencer named Lutton, who is on the worlds team for this up coming worlds cup. In the beginning Shawn stayed right behind him, scoring touch after touch. At the end of the first encounter he was only one point down, it was close. 4 5, but started to rush the next one letting his opponent get far ahead of him. At 5 9 (Shawn had 5.) with 57seconds left to go it looked grim. But to the surprise of Cory ‘The Master’ Price his Coach of the day Shawn got his head together and managed to pull up to 8 9 with only a few vital seconds left to go. Pushing Lutton down the strip, he managed to get into In fighting, where Shawn was attacking furiously, the director called halt and everyone looked around in anticipation, no light had gone off.. why? Was one everyone's mind. The director looked sternly at Lutton and made a motion with his had. Covering target, a red card. Shawn had tied it up, with even less time to go Shawn pushed hard, fighting with every inch he had, and managed to get under his opponents guard scoring the final touch! Coach Cory ‘The Master’ Price jumped up with a loud “HOOPTAH!” in an excitement he had not felt in along time! Shawn had made it to the final 8.

His next opponent was a crafty old timer, and managed to beat Shawn 10 3. But It was a good fight, although Shawn could have taken it, he managed to out think himself and only land a few hits.

Shawn took 7th and metaled, our only metal at the nationals, a well earned one. So when anyone see’s Shawn, hart congratulate him on a job well done! He deserved it. His next years plans are to go to the world cup, and with a showing like that its defiantly a goal he could reach. When asked about how well he did he replied. “<>”

The Women’s Saber Team
Coach Nadia Lee
Captain Tracy Smith
Fencer Beverly Jenson
Fencer Corlis Rose

The Swashbucklers came in, in 5th place, while their competitors where 6th place. It was a tough match right from the start, although Team Captain Tracy Smith held the team together scoring many points in a row, and Corlis making her first Saber showing did manage to score points. Beverly also held her own, scoring a few points of her own. She used her aggression to throw her enemy off and score two points in succession. Amy did surprisingly well, scoring the second most points next to Tracy, but their combined efforts where not match to their opponents, and they lost a heart felt 26 to 45 a very good showing. It seemed to a lot of the fencers that they were not fast enough off the start, to compare with their younger opponents. Tracy lost a lot of points for slow parry reposts, she would do the perfect parries but her reposts weren't there fast enough.

Men’s Epee team
Coach Tracy Smith
Captain Aric Hershberger
Fencer John Rose
Fencer Cory Price

Seeded 24 out of 29 teams, the Swashbuckler Epee fencing team had it tough, they went up against the very good 9th seeded team.

Cory Price was first up, he fenced hard and managed to score 5 touches, while receiving 5, keeping the score even, exactly as it started. With Cory’s posting he managed to keep it close, but his opponent was much more agile and also posted. The next person was John who managed a few points but got behind. Aric’s bout was the same way, going into the next the team was close but behind. Cory Got killed by a giant 10 foot tall fencer, whom by doing stupid things Cory lost. This kept up for the rest of the bouts the end score was 22 45, still not a bad showing against the team who would later take 3rd place.

20050622 Wed Epee
late start as usual too much sabre no attention to epeeists, did some practice with drop deep knee bend drop to toe touch
did some warm up bouting until Suzanne was ready to do Epee evals.
1st of 99, still holding guard too high., poor aim at legs, get tangled in close, and too slow to double parry when disengaged.
2nd John 71 - his on guard is getting better
3rd David 67 - did well, good on guard
4th Holden?
5th Chuck?
20050621 Tues LB
1st day - large L1 (18?), normal L2 (6)
ran late as usual - did some open bouting/electric - then Mimis with Greg, David, Rebekah, me.
20050620 Mon
foil drills & epee with John Rose and buzzers -infighting
20050618 Sat Swashbucklers competition #2
Epee of 4 - 1st.
Foil of 31? = 2nd
in round of 4 fenced Joshua - about 3 points in pulled something in my right thigh, couldn't hardly stand on it. felt like I was hopping on my back leg the whole rest of the bout. tried a lot of initiation of attack, since counter attack wouldn't work much - he'seven longer than me ! pushed hard to get back up to 14/14 and the last point we came together his blade caught low mine was high reached over his shoulder and stabbed down & caught his back for the winning point. had to call him on contact to get a point, but at that point going for anything was so sore. 15/14
then Shawn Hart gold medal bout - kept up okay, but down the whole time from the very start. couldn't do much in the way of moving - which is my usual style vs him, so went in for infighting - his specialty & managed some & kept him even too close to hit some, but he's got great parry repost so he kept getting before I could get in to him.lost 12?/15
20050617 Fri
Alan came back and kicked but with his leftyness.
James showed up but small group overall.
did crappy, quite off.
20050415 Wed Epee
not happy - over a half hour late getting started with the class, and then almost no instruction - everything was with the sabre, makes me feel unappreciated (
Did get some good bouting
20050614 Tues
bout night, went well few enuf to get 3 bouts each for the L1&2s
not enough eclectic boxes for the L3+ to fence much, need 2!
20050613 Mon
training - lots practice hitting the pads on the wall
some work with John Rose.
so sore from the quidditch game on Sunday!
20050612 Sun
picnic - bunch people but mostly didn't know 'em
Tracy bought stuff to make hoops and balls & we played (a version of ) Quidditch.
worked well, a fast and furious game combining elements of basketball, soccer, and football. lots of contact! for a supposedly non-contact sport.
needed a referee to call penaltys - would have slowed it down but help the overzealous keep from hogging the game.
20050610 Fri
timothy's weapon kept acting up later on but I did get him 5/3 before, going around the front =- light grazing touches hard lefty,.
fenced hard, Raymond & Glen both pushed,
good exercise night.
20050608 wed
eh, slow to get started epee, did crap, not on it at all.
20050607 Tues
no electric but lots drills & dry bouts
20050606 Mon
good epee drills, long practice bout
20050603 Fri
big L2 class again
open bouting had quite a few
fenced Mike 10/8
Raymond 7?9?/10
Timothy -new guy black kid lefty - has a strong parry 4/beat, but protects his low 6 well too. 4/5 from 4/4
Mike again 5/3?4?
James 4/5 from 4/3 to 4/4 to argh. hard bout
lots good bouting. Chris Nezzer & Juan , Hubbell, Rebekah?, Bev, Deborah, Ramzi.
20050517 Tue
LB, did L2 class 2 lunges
in advanced did Coupe & coupe disengage combo attacks.
fenced Juan & Chris in electric. tried some infighting & binds
20050502 Mon.
Cory was a dick, no reason to bitch & complain about a call from Mike of all people - unsportsmanlike like & just not nice. Next time he does something like that I'm not going to finish the bout with 'im.

Hey they have a rock climbing wall in the back of the park! cool.
20050501 Sun
Citrus Open
did really well in my pool - V5 D0 (rather an easy pool overall)
seed 3rd?!?
DE D close one didn't figure out what to do against him in time, he got ahead early on and mostly kept it. The best move vs him was leap back out of his attack, then lunge after his attack fails, got 5 or so that way, when I initiated I just couldn't hit, and his parry repost was very good.

bleh, much harder pool. V3 D3
lost 1st DE Kevin Mo who is much better than the last time I fenced him.

20050430 Fri Lakewood

20050427 Wed Epee
L1 class again - didn't get much practice - suddenly assistant again. never really broke a sweat.
20050426 Tue LB
Did a Team competition
Glen, Hubbell & Alan with Bob the "no names" vs.
"the Mucklers" David, Alex, Rebekah, with Aric.
went really well, didn't really even _need_ the team sheet except to tell bout order - since the next box can keep the cumulative score up to 99 it easily did. only did 3 point bouts not 5 - and ended just in time. Mucklers won by subbing me in at the last bout vs Hubbell
20050425 Mon
Epee night
Cory 9/10 yo frin 5/8 he's quite good with point & posting & I'm getting too wild with parrys & lifting my tip too much showing hand - which he got twice.
20050423 Sat Swashbucklers Open & Novice
seeded 3rd after Tristin (1st) and Mike 2nd - after pools
Ramzi beat Mike, and Tristin beat Cory
got a bye for 1st DE
then Michael Pollinger
then ? Alan
then Ramzi 15/3
then Tristin 15/5
I won! )
Went a bit long overall, and there were many times when some of the slower pools should have been double stripped to speed them up, but there weren't enough of us who knew what to do.
The novice pools were too large should have been kept to 5 so as not to wear them out. 3 pools of 5 & 1 of 6 would have gone much better for them, and the open could have had the large pools, since they knew how to do it themselves and it would have had more advanced people 'free' to run the novice pools.
9 strip were a bit much in that room I'd say 8 max. next time.
Laying the strips was slow and difficult with the classes going, also without help from Michael & Dwyane Pollinger I'd not have gotten done in time. (yay to them, also yay to people who stayed and tore down strips) Next time need to assign 4 people to job of stripping.
There were still a few director problems, even among the more advanced people, in fact some of the older L6+ people haven't had even the minimal director training that the L4-6 students get. Once into the DE's there should be a specific pool of people chosen to direct.

20050417 Sun Iron Masque Chamanade in Chatsworth
SoCal MdF's

0830 am Open Epee
1100 am Open Foil
0100 pm 1-touch Epee
0300 pm 1-touch Foil

Cost $15.00 per Event
Awards to top 8 in each event

Armorer Present
Equipment Sales (Sam)
Full Snack Bar, including spaghetti, etc.
Chaminade Middle School
19800 Devonshire St.

Not the easiest place to find, after circling the school finally found a open parking lot, and even after getting there - where on the campus it was being held was a mystery. I just wandered around until I saw someone else and went there - could have used a sign or 2.

Open Foil
Wood, Liz 5/2
Porter, Corin 2/5
Nemanick, Joe 3/5
Schaerf 5/1 (little kid)
Nichoas 5/3 (little lefty kid) -harder than he shoulda been
Juson 4/5 - close from 4/4, close all the way
V3 +3 ind
Seed 13
DE Huadly, L 15/4?6? V
DE Marek 11/15 D he was always ahead one or 2 but we were tied a few times, stop attacks worked well (tho over used 'em) and straight attack into his whirl (much like Bob does) a few beat attacks too. 1st time I think I've ever fenced Marek for some reason - but thought did pretty well. He must have been one of the top seed since he got a bye his first DE & I think I only saw 2 Byes on the list, he placed 3rd.
don't know final but guess 13? of 26? Didn't sound like they were going to post the total results.
Nichoas kid had a great t-shirt - "Friends don't let friends fence Epee" with skull & cross bones
Ramzi was there his 1st competition, Warren, Liz, James, several others I recognize but no one else I knew.

1-Touch Epee D=Defeat, V=Victory, DD=Double Defeat (double touch)D
D, D, DD, D, DD, DD, V, DD, DD, V, D, V, V, V, V, DD, V. 7 Victorys, 6 DD
Did much better after got into it more, hard to not go for the double, but the idea was only 1 touch.
There was some confusion & errors on the bout committee tables part, but He finally figured it out.
They gave out places to 8th, I wasn't 8th so must be less - of 19 I thought. 8th place had 8 victorys so I was 9-11 or something close in there. Kinda odd they never bothered to check the foils even going into the final DE's but the Epee 1-touch were checking it all - another reason it was taking so very long.
1-touch Epee was over at 7pm - but 1-touch foil was still going on as I left.
Started up at 930 got home around 815ish.
Cool awards in all 4 events - big claymore sword = 1st, different daggers 2-4, and different pocket knives 5-8th

20050413 Wed Epee
new class 3 newbies so back to very basic
Fenced pretty good.
Paul as lefty 5/0
Mike 5/2?3?
Raymond 5/2
John Rose 15/4
20050412 Tues LB
L2 had 4 and L1 had 4 show.
L3+ did 3 disengage, coupe-disengage, de-re-Mon with counters.
fenced David 4/0 to 4/4 great comeback-for him, then 5/4
Greg 5/1?2?
Bob 4/5 - kept getting in too close bouncing off, and flat missed a few.
David 5/3? got in too close too often again
20050411 Mon
Paul - wasn't very on, I did too many counters, but most were hitting, several were good in time stop thrusts, others he just missed his attack. also he was doing a beat parry and holding as he came forward allowing me to pull and hit before he could reparry it. counter into fletch worked 3/4 the time as he was missing lots & I was able to twist away from some.
Nadia - working on infighting, managed to usually block, but have hard time reposting, accurately from so close in.
Mike - didn't keep up my distance, need to jump in and out more.
20050408 Fri Lakewood
L2 with 4
Fenced Hubbell - yikes slippery floor 5/3?
fenced Glen try to work on reposts
Deborah try to work on infight & low lines
fenced Mike 4/4 and may be my 5/4 try in & out of distance but got off balance
fenced Alan (tall lefty) try the guard in 4 leave 6 open -
20050505 Tues LB
vs Vendl 15/4? doing good with in & out of distance, and awaiting attacks & repost, and he was having point control problems again
vs. Bob 8/15 - grrr. over attacked prob over lunged and prob leaned in too much, he was getting good reposts off my attack into 4 even when I tried a disengage to 4, he was getting his sweep attacks more often than not, and my counters we not usually in time.
ouch my knuckle on my right hand middle finger - much have gotten wacked - think bob
20050403 Sun OCD Team open
fenced in foil with Raymond & Deborah
lost 1st 15/45
2nd 45/? the mother? & 2 daughters? team
3rd 45/34 same again...
4rd place in Team Foil

fenced in Epee with Raymond & James
lost 1st 20?/45
2nd ?/45
3rd 45/43 - Vs. SCFC Stan, Henri, & Girard? - same team from OCD team quals that kicked our buts Raymond S./John Rose/Jeff S./Aric H - fill in for Jeff after 1st
but this time Raymond was doing much better - he beat ? & held off Henri ok, James did ok kept us up slightly.

Had a hell of a time with equipment, had Sam glue my Epee & replace lost screw again & fix the light tip on the Foil, but then the foil worked fine in test, but not during the bout - eventually found the wire by the plug was too long & grounding in out. by the 2nd Epee team bouts my screw was gone again, so switched to the backup - and snapped it on Stan - but got the point ) so had the tip replaced on one & the blade replaced on the other. - found my lost Epee bodycord tho...
ouch - my left? shin go either smacked or stabbed bloody scrape, and a big lumpy bruise.
20050401 Fri Lakewood
L2 outnumbered L1 considerably! - again!
open electric Dave brought his box & with the other good box from Tues had 2 electric strips
Hubble came by shaved & discharged from Marines boot due to Pneumonia
James & Stu, Ramzi, Brian & Shannon, Glen, Michael & Dwyane, Deborah, Mike, John, Bev, me. Shelley stopped by.
Fenced John 5/3 - he was having problems - bad weapon - tip not going off - bent prob.
Ramzi 5/3?4?
Shannon 5/4 - working on infighting w/lefty - low parry 8 and in then twitch to their back under their weapon arm
Deborah 5/4? working on infighting.
Vendl 5?/?
the gold foil is too light - not strong enough - but the purple is still good.
my main epee needs glue - but the other should still be good.

20050329 Tue LB
L2 outnumbered L1 considerably!
did a sorta L3 class & some open Electric

20050328 Mon training
no electric,
prob over did the ball lifting - shoulders already sore
did some basic footwork drills
worked on some infighting with Nadia
she should work on it with Cory tho he's gotten better at it, that parry low lift & raise elbow & twist wrist and flick under for a belly shot he does.
elbow sore & poping, wrist twinging - think I overdid working lifting boxes and such..

20050323 Wed
bout night
1st of 4
fenced Mike 6/7, John Rose 7/2

20050322 Tue
bout night
open fencing
Greg 15/8?

20050321 Mon training
balance, balance on leg lift ball, crabwalk, lungewalk with lift leg behind when come up, mil press
still overcommitting on attack, leaning and dropping back arm, standing up when get tired.
getting stuck out on front foot & hit when can't retreat
Cory 11?/15 - he keeps catching my initial and I keep over committing to straight carte attacks. ankle weights, slowed me down, so couldn't use distance as well. - that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it!
Geoff 15/12 - was playing a bit trying to work on defence, make him attack, and react to it.

20050318 Fri lakewood
bout night
L1- Eval
L2 - Bout & Eval
ran late - didn't get any open fencing.

20050316 Wed Epee
bad form on legs still
parry 6 too hard too fast - don't hold and slide as epee needs - still doing quick bang parry repost
did good low attacks - mostly had good aim on legs/knees
tired from the start
3 new boxes! yay

20050315 Tue LB
Jerry 5/3?2?
Greg 5/0 - Greg needs to practice more... he's been better.
Bob 4/5 - bob likes to fletch - & can catch a counter with a sweeping parry
Jerry 5/1 - he def doesn't have the stamina for a lot of fencing - 1st bout much harder.

20050314 Mon training
Mike 3?4?/5
Chuck a lefty 5/2?3?
Mike ?/15
Chuck a lefty 15/13?12? close - but I always felt I had it, and was always ahead.

20050308 Tue LB
Open fencing 900
Jerry 3?2?/5 - I misjudged his distance twice and just walked onto it, but also I think was still doing that thing where I'm all on my front leg & can't retreat fast enuf.
Jerry again later 5/0 - kept moving in & out - hop back & lunge in - coupe feints & in, lowline lunge. too many offs on his shoulder just at the edge of the jacket
Bob 5/3?2? too many counter attacks - only one was good. too many offs, one good bind and infight twist as he came, once bob just missed & I didn't, one counter into his windup, 2 counters into his windup that he caught & got me on,

20050307 Mon training class
overdid the workout w/trainer - the shoulder stuff was prob ok - sore! but.., the back stuff was over did upper back sore & pain, even a little in lower - but I think that's left over from Sunday fencing.
Epee w/Cory did well after a poor start lots of doubles at first, then was getting singles, they Cory got me good.

20050306 Sun OCD Quals
Hart 5/3
Ken Yen Huang 4/5
Bruce Boyer 5/1
Eric Grimm 5/3
William Ito 0/5
V3 D2 ind +2
2 of 6
seed 8
DE Roshan Jayasinche (seed 9) 13?/15 - was up most the way, tried to rush it at the end I think when he started getting ahead - and that didn't help.

Epee total of 7
Ken Yen Huang 5/3
Henry 5/4
Girard 1/5
Henri (old tall) 1/5 - only got the one 'cause he looked at the box! thot he hit.
Karl (asian) 3/5
Olsen 5/4
V3 ind -6
Henry 15/12
Olsen 12/15 - grr got him in pools! should have been able to take him.
fence off for 3rd (almost forgot!)
Ken Yen Huang 15/10?
likes to fletch & I can often catch him ahead of his for a single or if not then it's a double
Took 3rd & a medal - and got qualified for nationals in Epee Div 2 & 3.

Team Foil
Swashbucklers #2 vs SCFC
1 Geoff Lyle
2 Ramzes
3 Aric Hershberger
vs. James Preston
Eric Grimm
Jamie (SCFC coach?)
lost to Grimm - 3?/5 bah should have taken it & caught up some...
think I did ok on Jamie - 5?4?/5
got 4 on James
SCFC = 40
Swashbuckers #2 = 27
Got good hit on James by jumping in & out of distance leap back w/ his attack and then hop forward w/his recovery.

Team Epee
Swashbuckers #2 (team #1 canceled - Cory hurt) VS. SCFC
Raymond S.
John Rose
Jeff S.
Aric H - fill in for Jeff after 1st
Vs. SCFC Stan, Henri, & Girard
got 3 or 4 on Girard - should have taken that & caught up some
got 5 on Stan at the end 40/18 - pushed him back almost off the strip 3 times.
to 45/23

21 Swashbucklers in the competition
Aric H. Foil, Epee, Team Foil, Team Epee sub
Cory P. Foil, Team Foil
Mike P. Foil, Team Foil
David V. Foil
Nadia L. W. Foil
Shawn H. Foil, Team Foil
Geoff L. Foil, Team Foil
Brittany W.Foil
Tracy S. W.Sabre, W Team Sabre
Amy G. W.Sabre, W Team Sabre
Beverly W.Sabre, W Team Sabre
Brian R. Team Sabre
Raymond S. Sabre, Team Sabre, Team Epee
Jeff S. Team Foil, Team Epee
John R.
Dennis N.
Corlis R.
Doborah S.

20050220 Sun OCD
D Epee
eh, v2 in pool of 6 D 3
ind -1
one of them I should've got, and several let get too many in return
1st DE fairly easy
2nd DE someone who beat me in the pools
but I was doing rather well against him in the DE ahead from the start, a lot of doubles, then at the end I missed the doubles and he caught up then a few more doubles and then again he dodged the doubles.. 13/15 - disappointing. wanted 2 DEs
Belon 4/5
Wong 3/5
Dadqurian 2/5
Knutzen 5/1
Luis Ramos 5/4
V2 ind -1 4th of 6
DE Tso 15/7
Belon 13/15

12 Hershberger, Aric E05 Swashbucklers Orange Coast
22 Parish, Mike U Swashbucklers SoCal -
23 Szebert, Raymond U Swashbucklers Orange Coast

20050104 Fri Lakewood Fencing
bout night
got the bungee system hooked up and working
fenced Cory in foil first 5/2?3? in old timing even
then Deborah 5/2? - trying more absence of blade
then on new timing box fenced Tristin 5/2?3? couple counters, but one good semi-fletch some reposts
then Cory epee 6?/10 he got my leg about 3 times, and my hand - and I kept missing his hand when he lifted his arm!

20050201 Tues LB class
open bouting - vs Chris Hubbell 15/14 up from 4/10 to 9/12 to pull off comeback.
Bob 5/2?3?

20050131 Mon fencing class
did balestra drills & reverse hop forward lunge drills
then parry repost drills - ow my arm
then circle of death parry repost
then bouted with Cory 15/9?11 got ahead fairly early, and kept it.
managed to keep out of distance for his lunges, let him wear down and got some parry reposts
several of my parry 6 reposts were good, but hit too high! and caught the bib
Cory got right pissed a few times as he was missing, or when he'd come up short & my counter would go in.
did one real nice parry 4 repost
then immediately with no rest! } Mike 15/12?13 was up nearly the whole way but only by 1 until the end. 9/9, 9/10 , 10/10, 11/10, etc.
managed a few when he got stuck in a lunge and/or missed - got several with coupe/feints - turned my back too much.
over lunged and leaned stuck on my front leg,
got a few hits infighting where I'd done parry 6 & our bells were together & I used his as a fulcrum to flick my tip over & down onto his chest
did that new hop back lunge but didn't really get a hit off it, but was getting more hits when I pushed him than on defence. - whereas opposite with Cory better off attempting to catch & repost.
Mike had a lot of offs, and Cory had several to my forward shoulder.
a few times on both they popped the hit & new timing didn't go off
really tried to push it - way can't I do that at competition eh?

20050127-30 Las Vegas NV Duel in the Desert
Shelley drove (mostly) Me & Cory over in her 'rents Mini-Van, and it wasn't much trouble.
Managed to find the Flamingo fairly easy, park, and check-in without too much hassle.
Wandered around Thursday night and figured out where stuff was, found the Armory & got most our stuff checked in early.

Open Epee on Friday
Up at 630 so we could get some breakers before running off to check in at 730 then drop off foil for rewire for tomorrow, and Cory buy 2 Epees so he'd have something to use today...
pools started around 9ish
looks like there were 125 for Epee
Aric Pool - sent me to the back room (about as far as you can get from the main Fencing room and still be in the same Hotel on the same floor) & we got one of the only 2 ungrounded strips (too bad we really couldn't have brought up the 4 strips they wanted from OCD)
John Lartz (B) 3/5
Samual Gay (A) 5/6 - ummm tie at 4/4 then a double and ummm... 5/5?!? - & his win 5/6?!? they prob fixed it at the bout committee
Sim (D) 4/5
John Ridge (B) 3/5 - wow tall! older, lefty, & he posts. not a lot of technical skill, but with those 3 bonuses he didn't need much, had to hit his elbow before he hit my chest - just barely
Philip Hedges (A) 2/5
Milian (U) 5/3
not really the best Director - lost count a few times and the other fencers had to correct him, then during my bout he gave me a touch my opponent got, and didn't notice until my next touch, then had to figure out the score again... eep.
1 Victory 5 Defeats, ind -3
Seed 93
Lost 1st DE vs Jones, Gregory (seed 36th) 12/15
Placed 95
Think Cory had 2 V 4 D in his Pool
Won 1st DE, lost 2nd DE
Placed 63
Women's Sabre
Tracy placed 17 of 20
Wandered the strip a bit, then found the Jacuzzi with Cory - even if it as drizzling
Caught up with Tracy after & she got a Limo to take us all with her family, and met up with Mike & Bev, at the Rio Buffet.
Then after stuffing back to the Flamingo.

Open Foil on Saturday
up at 7 run down & check in grab a bite on the way. (prob should've had breakfast snack ready to eat when got up)
Looks like there were only 91 for Open Foil
Aaaagh! old timing! (
Aric pool
Mosley, Hunter (B) 1/5
Zeiss, Gary (C) 5/4 lefty
Valentine, Jon (C) 5/3
Weihs, Lucas (U) 3/5
Dew, Eric (A) 1/5 lefty
Darron, Reggie (U) 1/5 lefty
2 V 4 D ind -11
Seed 64
lost to both the U's, but beat both the C's !?
lost 1st DE to Daniel Berke (seed 65) - but hmm prob should have won it. was up 7/4, to 10/7, 12/10, 12/12, at the break, ended at 12/15. Don't know, I either changed or he learned me, or ... didn't think I was loosing my energy, but my attacks weren't making it, was getting some good sweep-up parry 6 reposts in earlier - but I stopped for some reason. and at the end my direct attacks were just missing short & he had the repost, I was attempting disengage attacks but couldn't close for the hit fast enough.
Placed 71
Cory won 1st DE lost 2nd DE
Placed 52
Mike placed 76
Shawn Hart placed 50
That same not really very good director (from my Epee pool yesterday) overseeing a foil bout Marek & ? did some rather hmm off calls. - but he was a good Sabre dir. - Mike got it on Video for review...
Open Sabre
Bev - no results yet
Back to the Jacuzzi in the drizzle rain.
Then at 700 the big finale last years winner vs. this years winner. all weapons 5 point bouts
Women's Sabre best 3 of 5 rum & coke with 1st free drink ticket
Women's Epee best 3 of 5
Women's Foil best 3 of 5 Brandy with 2nd free drink ticket
Open Sabre best 4 of 7 - rather flamboyant, very much the drama queen, hyping up the crowd,kissing the girls, posing each time he got hit - JR. very much the crowd pleaser, but don't think was very nice of people to be booing the other guy. it wasn't real close but it was good hard fought 4 to 2 bouts I think? Jr, last years winner won.
Open Epee best 4 of 7 shut out at 3 bouts to 0 back to rum & coke with 3rd & final free drink ticket. Cory's fav the tall lefty who posted - this years winner, lost.
Open Foil best 4 of 7 hard fought 3 bouts to 3 bouts, final 7th bout at 4/4 before the win. Annen, last years winner, lost.
They did the raffle in between bouts, or when down for equipment problems, mostly alcohol Escrime brand preis-de-fer reserve wine - quite a few bottles, some vodka samplers, brandy airplane bottles, also LBI entry fees, a pair of gloves,and shoes.

Slept for crap the whole time - but to be expected - never do sleep well away from my bed...

Sunday Veterans
up late - almost 9 )
pack up and check out.
go watch the Vet's a bit.
Mike did well in his pool but lost the 1st DE to the woman he lost to in his pool
Shawn Hart was still in as we left at around 1100

Drive down the strip and away.
Traffic got a bit bad but made it back by 630ish

$150 entry fees
$20 t-shirt
-$80 the room my cut
-$130+ food
12 pollo lunch 1
12 del taco lunch 4
15 breakfast 2
23 din 1
14 lunch 3 buffet
8 sub lunch 2
35 din 2 buffet
-$15 rewire foil
definitely need bring drinks next time, $3.50 for bottle of water!

20050124 Mon Advanced Fencing Class
flat footed - not light enuf on feet - need move more small quick
too much counter attack retreat - only works less than 50% the time
lots of feints but not 'real'
not aggressive enuf
poor reposts
over lunge and lean - get stuck (and R leg very sore!)
attack and move body in before extend arm - in a body feint but doesn't work

20050122 Sat San Bernardino
hmm (yay) Tracy picked me up at 7am ish
get Nadia on the way
to SB at 830ish
Tracy does Sabre at 9ish
Jermy Nygard 5/2 V
Lee Ernst 4/5 D
Peter Dippell 5/4 V
Aaron Falan 5/4 V
ind +4
Seed 3rd
1st DE V
2nd DE vs. Aaron Falan 6/15
Tracy gets a Bronze Medal - & possibly an E05

Aric @ Foil of 16
Nubel Orewal 4/5 D - gah should've got 'im he was long/good reach but not very good otherwise
Nenmy Arizre 5/1 V
David Willison 5/2 V
Mark Olson 5/2 - best in the pool veteran returning - knows what he want's to do but doesn't have it in him anymore
Ind +9
Seed 5th
1st DE V 15/4?5?
2nd DE Jearmy 15/12 V lefty
gah rrr director no parry riposte - but only what light went off 1st... all my parry 6 reposts were being called as his since his remise hit 1st. so eventually went to doing counter-attack back lunge for 1 light.
3rd DE Chris Conow (D?) 8/15 D from 3/5 to 8/10 I just couldn't catch up - he has a very strong beat/parry 4 and a good point control for a flick to the rear shoulder. when I got in and moved back and forth fast I got some, but I couldn't keep it up - no more energy.
1st = Shawn Hart - gold D05 good job - hard fought bout with Conow
2nd = Chris Conow (D? i think) - silver
3rd = Aric Hershberger - bronze (again) E05

Epee of 26
Doug Cairns 5/2 V
David Ramussen 5/2 V (one of the SB head guys)
Peter Dippell 5/3 V
Joshua Bother 5/4 V
Mark Olson 5/4 V - hard bout he goes for the foot & slips off the strip, and doubles a lot! doubles 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4!, then finally I get a single
Linden Ballen 5/3 V
V6 ind +12
Seed 2nd !
1st DE bye
2nd DE Mark Olson! again 15/13 again hard, less doubles, but he kept catching up and passing, it was 13/13 & I got the last 2.
3nd DE Chris Conow - Again! 8/15 ! AGAIN ! can't flick in Epee but he still goes for the shoulder - I got several nice hit on his hand as he went up for a reach out attack, but not enough - and again couldn't keep up the energy to move enough did an nice leap back and double footed leap forward to hit one time - missed an excellent knee shot - poor point control, tried the 'rest' guard - in down point at floor position but he kept getting me on my way up. might have been able to take him earlier on..
that was in the round of 8 so don't know my place, but nothing great.

Cory's nemesis - osama guy, the civilian killer, wasn't even there! this time pitu! on not going!

Tracy drove back dropped off Nadia & then Me at 730 after buying dinner on the way - yay Tracy!

Results in quickly
For full Results go to
click on Schedule Results

3-Weapon Open
San Bernardino Valley College
January 22, 2005

Mixed Epee Open - Group C2 ( of 27)
PLACE Mixed Foil Open - Group D1 CLUB New Rating
1 Chris Conow LAFC C05
2 Demetrius Martinez IEFC D05
3 Josh Freedkin Swords
3 Christopher Earl IEFC
5 Aric Hershberger Swashbucklers E05
22 Tracy Smith Swashbucklers

Mixed Foil Open - Group D1 ( of 17)
1 J Shawn Hart Swashbucklers D05
2 Chris Conow LAFC
3 Shubeg Grewal Haake und Slasche E05
3 Aric Hershberger Swashbucklers E05
15 Nadia Lee Swashbucklers

Mixed Sabre Open - Group E1 ( of 11)
3 Tracy Smith Swashbucklers

20050121 Fri. Lakewood
fenced Michael but only on targets were low line in his club lame gah hard. 5/4?
Alan Fletcher - ha, 5/1?2? from a low loose hold up and lunge for low line hits, or if he came in quick beat up/parry and repost on his shoulder - was doing quite well there
John 5/3
Hubbell 5/3?
Deborah 5/2?
Michael 4/5
Deborah 5/2?3?
Hubbell 5/4
I can't remember the bouts really. but I was using that stance where the tip is almost on the ground and you feint with distance. mostly because I could feel the foil weighing down on my arm - not sure this arm-elbow strap is helping or hindering.
gah - the wrist brace is too thick to use and fence - makes it hard to hold the grip and strains on fingers/hand
20050114 Fri Lakewood
King of the Hill - club competition
on strip 2 1st up vs. Glen 5/3?
vs. Mike 4/5
off strip 2 onto the end of the list on strip 1
at strip 1 Alan Fletcher had a long streak going until James threw him down
eventually up vs. James Preston 5/2?3? - ah, the new timing... )
vs. Corlis 5/1?
vs. Tracy 5/3?2?
vs. John Rose 5/1?0?
vs. Shannon 5/1
King 2 = James Preston, throwing down Mike after his long reign
20050109 Sun in San Diego open
Foil 27
U Lipome Emily 0/5
D Eltgroth, Dave 3/5
B Padgitt, Ted 2/5
U Gilcrest, Nancy 2/5
I probably should have taken both the U's esp the 2nd. but just wasn't fencing well, too tired.
TS 7, TR 20. ind -13
Seed 24
E Stacy Lin 15/12
E Laurel Yianilos 11/15 - ahh, I had it for a while 1/2 2/2 3/2 3/3 3/4 4/4 5/4 etc. all the way up to 10/11 at the break, but I couldn't keep up after the break, think I lost my wind or something.

Came in 16th (of 27)

Cory Seed 15
Nadia seed 23

Cory 1st DE 12/2 so a girl he'd lost to in the pool

Tournament San Diego 3 Weapon Open
Event Open Mixed Foil
Location Mission Bay High School
Date Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 930 AM
Event class B2
Place Name Club Division Old Rating New Rating
13 Price, Cory SWB ORCST E04
16 Hershberger, Aric SWB ORCST E04
23 Lee, Nadia SWB ORCST U

Epee 29 An A2 contest
A Timmargh 3/5
U Bianchim 5/2
D Cetslacmic 4/5
B Contway, C 4.5
V1, TS16, TR17, ind -1
Seed 20
B Kai Hau 8/15
came in 21 of 29
need to lunge more, I also didn't 'move' & 'keep on my toes' enuf, esp. early in foil

Cory did Amazing in Epee
C Lecarra 7/6 tied at 6/6 Cory won priority & got the last point
B Contway 15/14 up from behind
C Huang, kai Yen 7/6 tied at 6/6 Cory won priority & got the last point - again!
A Alexander 15/14 up from behind
A Marsh, Tim 2/15

Cory came in 2nd! place
Cory's Surprising lunge distance & posting in Epee thru off his opponents
He got a rank in Epee from a U to not just a E, not a D, or even a C, thru some concordance of the stars, & amazing happenstance, throwing the universe into turmoil Cory jumped to a _B_!!!! in Epee before I Did!
Astounding! Congratulations!
Tournament San Diego 3 Weapon Open
Event Open Mixed Epee
Location Mission Bay High School
Date Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 1030 AM
Event class A2
Place Name Club Division Old Rating New Rating
2 Price, Cory SWB ORCST U B05
21 Hershberger, Aric SWB ORCST E04
24 Smith, Tracy SWB ORCST U

20050107 Friday night bouting
Tracy had the new timing on her box. T 2005
Alan Fletcher 5/4
John Rose 5/0 - but a parry 6 & repost to his tight lame over his plastic chest protector popped it off before enough time - making a null hit. yikes. Just like James Preston was saying at Shelleys new years party.
Deborah Schmidt. 5/0
Corlis Rose 5/3
Alan 5/3
Corlis 5/4

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