20061002 Mon Salle
L3 class 4 coupe
Cory Price 15/8?
Kurt? (new old guy:) 15/3
worked on counter-attack evasion footwork
step back to the side with _both_ feet - not a spin.
20061001 Sun LBI Epee
86 Fencers: 24A's, 22B's, 17C's, 12D's, 4E's, 7U's, could be a A4 event.
Senior Men's Epee: 83 Competitors, a A4 Event
Pool #11
Competitor --- Club X 1 2 3 l4 5 6 V (%) TS TR Ind Pl
Bethel, Dylan : GGFC 1 X D3 V5 V5 V5 V5 4 (80%) 23 8 15 1
Hershberger, Aric : 2 V5 X D0 D3 V5 V5 3 (60%) 18 18 0 2
Raynis, Michael :SWORDS 3 D2 V5 X V5 D3 D4 2 (40%) 19 17 2 4
Tso, Jason : FORTUNE 4 D0 V5 D3 X V5 D2 2 (40%) 15 19 -4 5
Pinchuk, Jason : LAIFC 5 D1 D4 V4 D1 X D2 1 (20%) 12 23 -11 6
Cropley, Theodore : UNAT6 D0 D1 V5 V5 V5 X 3 (60%) 16 18 -2 3
Bethel A - surprized him and he went too defensive.
Raynis A - just couldn't get a handle on his style, he sucked me into his distance, and liked close attacks, but he was long enough to reach.
Pinchuk B
Tso E - he had this attack into parry 6 hold, twist his body around come over the top of your 6 down and hit your rear end on the outside. I let him get too close and he kept getting it.
Cropley E - he looked scary, he beat Raynis 5/0 but I was able to keep him out of distance.
Seed 37
1) bye
2) Kevin Mo Lefty A 5/15
a bit sore nd a little bit slow all day. but didn't really have much problem, I got a couple good hits, hand and a coupe. but he did good timing on he over the top disengages, and got me if I went for the leg he was showing, and I missed the back shot.
42 of 83
20060930 Sat LBI Foil
69 Fencers: 2A's, 13B's, 19C's, 9D's, 6E's, 20U's, could be a A2/B3 event.
Senior Men's Foil: 67 Competitors, a A2B3 Event
Pool #3
Competitor --- Club X 1 2 3 4 5 6 V (%) TS TR Ind Pl
Poon, Charles : FORTUNE 1 X D3 D2 D2 V5 V5 2 (40%) 17 22 -5 5
Nguyen, Danny : LAIFC 2 V5 X V5 V5 V5 D3 4 (80%) 23 13 10 1
Navarro, Reynaldo :SCST 3 V5 D1 X V5 D2 2 (40%) 16 16 0 3
Hershberger, Aric : 4 V5 D2 V4 X V5 V5 4 (80%) 21 14 7 2
Cunningham, Scott : HFC 5 D3 D2 D0 D1 X V5 1 (20%) 11 22 -11 6
Park, Anthony : AZFC 6 D4 V5 V5 D3 D2 X 2 (40%) 19 20 -1 4
Cunningham U Lefty surprized him with a fletch
Park C
Poon U Lefty
Nguyen B Lefty I could've done better
Navarro C
seed 18
1) bye
2) Hall 15/3
2) Connolly, Stephen (seed 15) 13/15 from 12/11 I was up or even most of the bout. Warren came over and gave me great advice. but near the end I slowed down? or he speeded up, then once he got ahead I tried to rush! instead of slowing down and taking my time.
20 of 67
20060928 Thu Salle
fenced with Shayne, Brian, William, and even Cory! showed up.
did a lesson with Paul and Suzanne.
hitting distance
lunge, lunge parry repost
worked on speeding up reposts
some work on getting stuck and not retreating, I lean back, and lock down, need to retreat instead, and attack on the retreat.
20060926 Tue LB
L3 class 2
half disengage, use after a failed regular,
beat attack, beat disengage, beat half dis
did poorly in bouting.
20060925 Mon Salle
L3 class 3 double disengage
private lesson,
attack on retreat - quit stopping and trying to hold my ground.
distance - attack distance, advance attack, advance lunge, ballestra lunge, fletche,
overlunged a bit
fletche vs lefty, hit and pull elbow and twist.
repost vs the fletche, beat then pull the blade around the back and thrust at their side as they pass.
counter attack and parry after - don't twist too much and turn my back, fast retreat and parry after a hit.
20060922 Fri Salle
no Deb, no Shayne & his Dad either - thought said do handle on truck fri?
fenced with Cory2 and Paul, first a bit of Epee
and then foil.
20060920 Wed Salle - B-day
Nadia 5/1, 4?3?/5
Alex 5/?
20060919 Tue LB - talk like a Pirate day
L3 class 1 - only Juan, Chris and Glen so did more advanced stuff. Audra assisted L1
little bouting - L1 ran over
20060918 Mon Salle
L3 class 2
private lesson with Paul & Suzanne. distance, stance, attack, angle of blade on guard, footwork. went pretty well.
20060915 Fri Salle
carpool with deborah - she drove
Nigel 3/5 then later 5/3
got to get more endurance, move my feet like nigel does, and find the openings, or make them.
20060913 Wed Salle
went in L4? with Tracy's class a bit
then fenced a bit - not enough strips for the amount of people who showed.
20060912 Tue LB
LB bout night
20060911 Mon Salle
L3 class 1
20060908 Fri salle
carpool with deborah - I drove
20060907 Thur
20060906 Wed Salle
busy lots of class and private lessons
fenced with Brian 5/0
Alex 5/0?1?
big kid 5/1
Alex 5/?0
Nigel 5/0 tho one of them may have been his off.
Alex 5/?1?2?
20060905 Tue LB
L2 class 4 lines & disengage
bouted Hubbell 5/0
?Bob 5/?
Hubbell 5/0
Glen 5/1
Bob 5/1?
Jerry 5/2?
even tho I'm all sore from the competition Sun/Mon always more 'lose'? or something the next day, still very 'on' tonight.
20060904 Mon LAIFC invitational Epee
carpooled up with David. We were the only Swash there.
Pool #6
Competitor --- Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 V (%) TS TR Ind Pl
Kavanaugh, Aaron :LAIFC 1 x D2 V4 D3 D0 V4 2 (40%) 13 20 -7 5
Jensen, David : LAIFC 2 V5 x V5 D3 V5 V5 4 (80%) 23 17 6 1
Kiang, Daniel : FORTUNE 3 D3 D4 x V5 D4 D2 1 (20%) 18 21 -3 6
Cashdan, Christopher 4 V4 V5 D2 x D4 D2 2 (40%) 17 21 -4 4
Hershberger, Aric 5 V5 D3 V5 V5 x V5 4 (80%) 23 17 6 1
Bassein, Jed : BHFC 6 D3 D3 V5 V5 D4 x 2 (40%) 20 18 2 3
Cashdan C06
Bassein E05 - should have been 5/3 allowed doubles at the end.
Jensen A05 - lefty did ok but he was better at catch and follow in
Kiang C06 - messed up geting in too close, did much better with disengage &fletch than close in, lost 2 shouldn't have, ought to be 5/2
Kavanaugh A06 - Wooo!! scared him with attack right out of the gate, and he went extra defensive, & I out reached and evaded. he liked to be at the end of the strip, but I backed off enough to stop his counters, or pre-empted his attacks.
Tied for 1st!! at least according to this, according to the director, I was 2nd because all else being equal - as it is with Jense - but he won our bout.
Seed 9T
DE 1 = bye
2 = Kleeman, Maxwell E2006 15/13 tinly skinny kid with huge reach. Craig gave me a heads up on him thankfully! otherwise don't think I would have caught on about his huge reach. got a couple by retreat counter severa singles several more doubles he had a good aim coming in from far slight out. but managed to mess him up in distance.
3 = Caswell, Joe A2004 10/15. started off very good, surprized him with my reach, and managed to catch a few of his attacks before he got in. but he caught on quickly and had better point control. then for some dumb reason I started rushing and that threw it. I think if I had settled down I may have had a chance.
tied for 9th of 38
20060903 Sun LAIFC invitational Foil
carpool up with Chris & Juan. Also there, Brian King, Shawn, Alex, Mike. and former Swashbucklers Thomas Lee - now Orange Coast!, and Warren Woody.
Pool #5
Competitor --- Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 V (%) TS TR Ind Pl
Navarro, Reynaldo :SCST 1 x V5 D4 V5 D1 D2 2 (40%) 17 21 -4 5
Baik, Daniel : SOUTHCST 2 D3 x D0 D0 D0 D1 0 (0%) 4 25 -21 6
Koerner, Elijah :LAVERNE3 V5 V5 x V5 D1 D0 3 (60%) 16 15 1 3
Chen, Alexander : LAIFC 4 D3 V5 D1 x D3 V5 2 (40%) 17 17 0 4
Schenkel, Eli : LAIFC 5 V5 V5 V5 V5 x D4 4 (80%) 24 10 14 1
Hershberger, Aric : SW 6 V5 V5 V5 D2 V5 x 4 (80%) 22 12 10 2
Shenkel C2005 5/4 tiny hard to hit quick, but managed to get it at last
Chen E2006 2/5 small, thin, good attacks, again hard to find target, but even worse I had poor distance, and got in too close far too often.
Navarro C2006 5/2 hit & retreat! counter & twist, works well, he comes in big and wide from the outside, hard to parry, but easy(er) to evade or counter.
Koerner U 5/0 easily kept distance (and yet this is the guy who beat Chen!)
Baik U 5/1 mean but should have been 5/0 my lunge attack was consistantly hitting, but thru in a parry repost which he caught and got me on, didn't push as hard as I could have. being too nice...
Seed 7th
1: - bye
2: Navarro C2006 15/8 kept good distance and did counter & run! until he changed, then after he's only gotten 4 points in a row noticed and changed up.
3: Chen E2006 13/15 hard to find an open spot to hit, kept up about and down the whole time tried to inishiate but the dir kept calling my attack pause 2nd attack and luckily chen was getting offs started keeping distance much better then saw openening and go to 13/14 but started to get too tired to get out of the way of his attacks, so tried to do a disengage but he caught it...
9th of 39
20060901 Fri Salle
carpooled up with Deborah
fenced Nigel 3/2 4/4 4/5 grr argh, he did an excellent twist evasion on the last point.
Brian 5/?
Ken brought a few more girls remember them from once before.
Did some Epee with Shayne and Cory2
20060830 Wed Salle
Fenced Nigel 5/1
Brian 5/0 and 5/1?2?
Nadia 5/2? and 5/2?3?
William 4/5
someone else...
20060829 Tue LB
fenced Bob 5/1?0?
20060828 Mon Salle
did some work fixing moving stuff
20060825 Fri Salle
fenced Brian 2/5, dunno if I was just not warmed up, or let him take control.
Catherine 5/?
cory 5/?
Ken Wheeler brought a couple of kids by, fenced them both a couple of times
Cory 5/?
Brian 5/? got back, even tho a bit much infighting.
Raymond from 3/2 to 4/4 to 4/5 (again!!), he's doing well, and he made fewer mistakes... which is the better fencing.
20060823 Wed Salle
did a lesson with Suzane and Paul worked on disengage distance, and timing, and good hits and location. basic stuff, but since I can't seem to get the disengage right def need teh work, need to work on aborting and parry repost when disengage is caught.
fenced Cory 5/0, Josaia 4/5, ..?
20060822 Tue LB
Greg sub for Bob
seemed like nearly everyone returned for 2nd class
just 3 for L2 (and 2 are L4's)
fenced Raymond 4/5 from 2/4 to 4/4 then on to extra min, he got priotiry I was waiting trying to find a good opening, and he went first. ouch got my elbow some time in there too.
Juan 5/2?
David 5/?
Glen 5/?3 he was doing good, esp the first half of the bout.
Hubbell 5/?
20060821 Mon Salle
was going to have a private lesson
but when Shayne showed up we just did bouting so that Shayne didn't have to sit out.
Paul broke his new old blade on me... :}
20060817 Thu Salle
did a new thursday night competition
ended up vs Shawn
once he got up on me, I tried to rush in, and lost 3 or 4 more, I should have taken my time, it was still the 1st period! in and out more, tho he did get a few really good ones where I thought I was out or range, and I lost a few just too lightly touched him. but mostly it was I rushed and tried to out agressive him and just can't.
20060816 Wed Salle
Level 5 with Tracy
Augusta 4/5 from 4/4 from 2/3 stay back use distance, she gets in close, go past, don't stop & try in fighting. she still does bad parry 4 but not as much or as often. low line from 6 flick worked. parry with distance counter hit 2x's parry repost 1x she wouldn't repost parry & wait too often. need 2 control reposts better.
Cory(2) 5/0? likes to counter parry to 6. fletche from a bit far. counter twist works 1x or counter duck 1x parry repost is hard since always tries to counter parry needs point control.
20060815 Tue LB
L2 1st class
just one L2, 2 L3's
bouted Hubbell 5/3 - he had some good touches tho
David 5/?
Glen 5/?
David 5/?
20060814 Mon Salle
L3 bout night
bouted Ralley lots practice then 15/1 he was doing better in the warmup
20060811 Fri Salle
Epee - bout night, 1st place :} surprise... :}
then fenced with Shawn 4/5 from 2/3 or 2/4
Alex 4/4 to 4/5
Cory (2) 5/1?
20060810 Thu Salle
did a pickup competition
Me, John Rose, Paul, Brian King, then Shawn came in, then Nadia
we got the pools done, but messed up the DE and didn't have time to finish anyway - maybe next week.
20060809 Wed Salle
sub for Tracy
L4 distance parry, distance to attack/repost
2nd intention attack - ready parry repost when/if 1st attack fails,
combination attack coupe+disengage
L5 lots of bouting.
Augusta 5/?
Brian King 5/?
Augusta 5/? on a low attack - way too close, bent my blade double so quickly yanked back - so not to break it, hit my R.knee with my bellguard - ouch.
? 15/3?
Alex 5/3? he's good until he starts to lose, then loses focus/heart and it gets easier to continue winning streak.
Chuck 5/0 last bout of the night, he may have been too tired, but seemed slower and easier to read.
Gah! my car broke again, the drivers side handle snaped something, and wouldn't open., the passenger side already didn't have a keyhole, and the rear has been broken & jammed since it was in the accident.. - luckily Brian & his Dad were able to break into it for me.
20060808 Tue LB
bout night
did L1 3 each
L3 after 9p! 2 each just Juan and Glen
moved both up to L4
20060807 Mon Salle
L3 week 4 did 1/2 disengage, and lowline
20060804 Fri Salle
Epee with Shayne, James, Cory, Joseph, new guy?, me.
then did some 1 touch king of the hill
and some bouting.
20060803 Thur Salle
bouting - no classes thur yet
John Rose 5/2? was trying to do more bladework, but my arm was getting sore.
Brian King 3?/5 I wasn't taking him seriously enough, he's getting better, but he does the same attacks too often.
5/2? later
William 5/2?3? he psyches himself out if he thinks you're better
Chelsea 5/3?4? shes got good reposts, mostly.
I was still getting in too close, and not giving ground when I had plenty of room, alot of them were rushing in, but I stood ground instead of retreat with some sort of defence & reposting. too many counters, although some were working, often luck that they didn't also hit.
20060801 Tue LB
L3 class 4 Juan and Audra, and eventually Glen
did beats, beat - disengage, counter beat, double beat.
Greg did Bobs L1 class with Jerry doing private L1 lessons.
Tracy and Raymond showed up doing Sabre
fenced Glen 5/3?
Hubbell 5/1
Raymond 5/4
20060731 Mon Salle
L3 class
10 people! took up nearly the whole room
fenced Paul 5/3?
James beat Paul 5/4? & me 3?2?/5 - he was really pleased...
James 5/2?1 but I got him later :}
still getting in a bit close, and probabaly turning my back a bit too much as well.
20060728 Fri Salle
did Epee with Joseph & James
The some with Alex 3?/5 5/2?
then some Foil with Alex
5/?, 15/7?. he kept doing counter circle to 4 parry waaay too often, and was being overly defensive
20060727 Thur Salle
no class, bouted with Brian, John, Nadia & Shawn.
vs. Nadia won 2 - 1
vs. Shawn won 1 - 2
vs. Brian won 3 - 0
vs. John won 2 - 0
was still getting too close, but had some good parry repost vs Shawn, and several good feighnt attacks vs. Nadia, and a few good closing into distance for attacks.
20060725 Tue LB
no one showed for L3 until Glen came in late,
so we set up the electric box and did bouts all night
Hubbell, Vendl, Glen, Me, Alex eventually.
20060724 Mon salle
L3 class #2
did warm ups drills and crossover footwork and 1/2 disengages
bouted Joseph 15/8?12?
Paul 15/6?4?
bit too close, but better lunges and timing
James? 15/7?
20060718 Tue LB
L3 Chris, Juan, Audra, Glen, eventually Alex
did fletche, and cheatlunge
20060717 Mon
picked up shelley from LAX couldn't do class L3
20060714 Fri Salle
did some L3 since they thought it was still on Fri
then did Epee now on fri.
20060713 Thur
move stuff upstairs
20060712 Wed
went to signing instead
20060711 Tue LB
L3 Chris N., Alex, Audra, David?, Juan, Glen.
about 13-14 in L1
20060710 Mon Salle
touchup and put up some shelving
20060707 Fri
tape and paint undercoat upstairs 1/3
20060706 Thu
touch up paint salle, tape and paint undercoat stairwell
20060705 Wed
Spackle and paint more of the new OCFA Studio/salle
freeway visible - slightly
20060630 Fri
Paint the new OCFA salle/studio
just 2 blocks from ASC
very similar to the old SCFC
a part wherehouse/office building
20060629 Thu
standard warmup and drill
Shawn fixed my old Lame - a bit tight, but works good.
was a bit slow, either I'm getting a pot, or the heat or combo.
fenced Augusta 4 times her, me, her, me from 4/4 each time except the last I think.
fenced Shawn 2 times both him
Nadia 2 times her, me.
Chelsea 5/2?3?
just acting slow, poor lunges - leaning, slow to retreat, getting in too close.
20060628 Wed Epee ASC
no class really, just bouting the whole time. good practice tho,
20060627 Tue ASC
Swashbucklers Annual meeting
fenced a bit
20060622 THU ASC
standard (now) warmup and drills, good exersises, but little fencing
fenced with Shayne 15/?8?5?12
Chelsea 15/3?
Augusta 4/5
Nadia 3?2?/5
Augusta 5/3?
Nadia 4/5 - was doing better remembering to keep moving keep the distance, in and out wait for her attack or repost evade by distance then back in to hit.
20060621 WED
upset stomach no fencing
20060616 Fri ASC
L3 after all class 1 thot there was a week off
fenced Joseph 5/2, tried just doing footwork
Shayne 15/8? he was doing good evasions
Nigel 15/12 - wow a hard bout, had to really work on distance, got a few from fletches, we both gave a few with bad parryies into ourselves, did get a few good parry reposts, got inside just enough a few times to make his attack off target, but mostly had to keep the right distance just out of his lunge but sneak in enough to get the attack.
20060615 Thu ASC
carpooled up with deb my drive this week
lots of drills - quite the workout
fenced with Brian 15/8?10?
Augusta 12/15 - got tired, but also still don't take her seriously enough, let her get too much of a lead. She was getting in too close, and I was probabaly too, inside my distance, and I kept missing, at the end just ran right into her point.
James 5/1?0? -ouch my shin! again - I'm gonna need a shin guard at this rate!
Nadia 5/2? slowed down my attacks some and was able to find holes in her defence, plus she was tired and parry too large.
20060613 LB
bout night - 4 of 4
20060609 Fri ASC
L3 bout night #2
Alex 5/0?1?
James Preston showed 4/5 from 4/4 from 1/3 dunno if he was playing or let me catchup
his 1st attack instant off the go 1st point
Paul 5/2?3? ouch my knee!
fenced him again later 5/4 from 4/4 similar, more his error than my point he looked away at the box and so I hit him :)
20060608 Thu ASC
carpooled with Deborah
Ray (From southcoast team comp) came by for bouting
Augusta 5/3?4?
tall blondie 5/0
Augusta 5/2?
Ray 2?/5
20060607 WED ASC Epee
bout night part 2
20060606 (666) Tue LB
L2 class 3(4/5)of 4?!
fenced Glen 5/0?
Deb 5/2?3?
Chris N. 5/0?1?
Jerry 5/2?3?
Glen 5/1?
Bob 5/1?2?
20060602 Fri
L3 class start evals
20060601 Thu ASC Foil
good work out as usual for the foil class
lots of drills
dunno seem more tired lately faster tho
fenced Augusta 5/2?3?
Nadia 5/3? - either she was tired, or I was doing better
Augusta 5/2?
20060531 Wed ASC
Epee - bout night 1
14? points
fenced Paul 7/2
Cory 7/3
Shayne 7/2
Fenced Thomas 6?/10
Chuck 10/8?
Thomas 3?/5
can't seem to stop thomas's beat attack lately
20060530 Tue LB
L2 class down a few but still sizeable
Jerry showed up again (5/4), as did Deb. (5/?)
Glen 5/2?
20060526 Fri ASC
L3 were a pain in the ass brats today
tired sore still from Thursday
fenced Shayne and Cory
and Raymond 5/3? who I hadn't seen in quite a while
20060525 Thu ASC foil
did the foil class, quite a workout
fenced with deb 10/?
Chelsea 15/4?6?
Brian King 15/7?10? ouch he got me good and hard in the collar bone on his 3rd fletche in a row. did alot of counter and twist, but 75% good.
Augusta 10/1?2? I was so tired by then mostly just countering, but I was getting fairly good point control and hitting usually over 75%. Augusta wasn't being pleased.
chelsea 5/?
never did get to Nadia
20060524 Wed ASC Epee
Shayne and Cory and James - ha think I finally rememebered the names of the kids in the Epee class
did knee and toe hits and evasions and reposts.
cory picks it up quick and practices stuff in bouts well
shayne is picking it up fairly quick
james has had lots of practice and is good at counter attacks, picking off on the arm.
Augusta 15/8?10? she's getting better with her parrry4 don't think I got any in there, and her reposts are getting quick she got several good ones. I'm still rushing too much against her.
Thomas 10/6? several I got with a beat, attack on the march, feinht then go in where he wasn't parrying. a good attack but beginning to over use.
20060523 Tue LB
1st class, huge L2 class.
8 in L1 9 or 10 in L2
Tracy, Shawn, Bev, Deborah, Greg and David had a meeting about Swashbucklers.
Jerry 5/4 tricky he didn't stop one time and I wasn't ready, but did get a good parry with distance after he lunged and stoped
20060521 Sun Chaminade 'Iron Mask'
open foil Brian King and Chuck Beyer were also there.
Sethi 5/0
Hsu 5/2
Larinto 5/2 (a surprize in the past I don't think I beat him)
Dollar 3/5 (think I got the most on him in the pool)
Dewberry 2/5 (I really thought I should have done a bit better) a lefty, my hits would skip off (like with chuck) and he had a really good parry 4 supination and repost
Sarkis 5/1 (I shouldn't have given up that touch)
ind +10
seed 7th of 19
DE 1 Bye
DE 2 Cisuf (another lefty! balding guy I've seen before, but don't think I've fenced) 4/6 again my hits just skip off, did get one really good disenage and up over, like I try with chuck. 7/9
7/10 11/13 14/14 15/14 pulled it off, was quite a hard bout, we both got red cards, him for turning his back to look at the box(it wouldn't sound) and me for covering once, and twisting too much 'turning my back', I did one nice parry with distance and the director even called it for me. several sloppy remiezes. a couple counters and lucky he missed. once I got inside his distance on a counter. most were from moving in and out of distance letting him attack short and doing a beat attack disengage or parry or something.
DE 3 Corin Porter. another lefty! 3/15. bah. did get one really nice parry repost, one sort of sloppy one, 2 I thought should've been mine, but called his inisiation or his beat no my parry. the other hit was on a disengage?
need work on lefty's Chuck's been giving me alot of trouble too.
Came in 7th got a nice dagger

1-Touche Epee
Victorys 6
Defeats 4
Double Defeats 3
ran a bit poorly & slowly (as I remember from last year, no better) but eventually got done.
6th of 14
got a japanese smallsword/dagger
20060519 Fri ASC L3
review coupe, add fletche & parry
then bouted Deborah, & Kaitlin
Joseph is getting quite good with parry repost,
20060518 Thu ASC
did the foil class - quite a workout
fenced with Nadia 3?/5 her waiting for the attack strategy is still beating me, I haven't beaten her in a month or 2.
fenced Augusta 4?/5?
Thomas 5/1? and 5/4
20060517 Wed ASC epee
just Shayne & Cory kid and me
fenced Chuck ?0/5 kept doing the same thing over and over
Alex 5/2?3?
Chuck 5/2? tried different thing, pressure worked pretty good
Alex 15/6?8? after he broke my blade! in the center, with a beat!
Chuck 14/15 from 14/14 from 14/13, 13/13, 12/13 close fought all the way, but I rushed it at the end and it went to 14/14 and then went back to being more careful, but he got thru. poor strategy, rather then poor skill.
20060512 Fri ASC
did L3 class - coupe
then bouted with Amanda
and Alex , amanda, S?, then Epee with Cory kid and Shayne
20060511 Thur ASC
still getting too close, doing ok with on the march sometimes, but not vs Nadia, and not as much vs. thomas
Shawn and I practiced some, but his arm was hurting him so bad he had to stop.
Ramzi 5/0
Thomas 10/9
Ramzi 10/?3
Shayne new epee kid 15/6?
Thomas 2?3?/5
Nadia 2?3?/5
20060510 Wed ASC Epee
Shayne new kid and another new one Cory, both seem into it, Jackie came back. James eventually showed, and Alex tried it. Cory did a few bouts too.
Cory 5/4 off 4/4 and an double to 4/4 again. finally got a hand touch I'd been trying for. was trying to remember to continue after missing the hand to the leg! concentrating so much on that that I did a parry repost,duh and he got me from 4/3 to 4/4.
fenced quite a lot of epee, less new kid S? got me in the knees.
20060509 Tue LB
bout night week 5
only 2 L1's and eventually 2 L3's but not in time to do evals so did a pool.
20060505 Fri ASC
L3 did beats, and did ok
fenced Joseph 4/5, Shannon 4/5 (boy was she happy) tried to use feet & parry, not my arm.
did Epee Paul 10/4, j? 10/6?, Paul 10/?, J? 10/8?
won but got quite well pounded, my arm's all marked up.
20060504 Thu ASC
fenced fairly well still getting too close
Shawn was there but hurt his arm again.
20060503 Wed ASC Epee
did epee class, bouted with Paul 12/7?
James 10/?
new kid 15/6?
Cory was back, and Ramzi was there
Foil Ken's student - 5/2?
Cory 5/3?
Chuck 4/5
Ramzi 5/3?
Chuck 5/4
Ramzi 5/?
20060502 Tue LB
sick all week but finally a bit better
did L3 beats, and fletche off lunge
bouted Glen, Alex, Jerry
20060425 Tue LB
Came down sick on Sun, so just did the L3 - Fletche, and went home.
20060421 Fri ASC
glad I skipped thurs, did much better
L3 did x-over steps, & douple disengages
Chuck new guy
fenced with Shawn for a bit, he was playing trying something, & I was doing ok,
Shawn 5/3?2?
Chuck 5/2?
Alex 5/0 - get him back for the other day :)
Nigel 10/7?8?
20060420 Thur skipped my arm's sore
20060419 Wed ASC Epee
carpooled up with tracy - or well Tracy gave me a ride.
bah got too close all the time
did ok in Epee 5/3? paul
James/jamie 5/4 he's getting good with those counters, and got several hand shots
foil new guy? in for practice 5/3?4?
Alex 5/3 - bah really getting too close, and still not taking him seriously enough.
20060418 Tue LB
L3 class this time Cara & Glen & Tracy a bit
Hubbell was around too, for bouting.
20060414 Fri ASC
L3 class
20060413 Thu ASC Foil
did lots of non-weapon drills in the little room
eventually beat Nadia and Augusta, but not the 1st times
20060412 Wed ASC Epee
just Paul & me, then fenced foil with a kid Ken brought, and Nadia, both who beat me !~
20060411 Tues LB
L3 - well Chris N. showed, then Alex came in late, then Glen even latter, and Audra lattest of all. drills went fine
But Charlie, Molly & her dad, and more for L1 assistants. so that was good.
20060406 Thur ASC
fenced Shawn 1/5, getting too close
Chuck 1?2?/5, poor aim
bah doing poorly
Shawn 5/2 (even if one was a bad call at 4/2 I would likely have won. :)
Chuck 4/5 kept missing..
Deborah 5/2?3? trying for infighting - ow! my arm, she got me good in the mussle of my Left bicept my whole hand went numb.
Alex 2/5 - dunno think I wasn't trying for real
Augusta 5/2, 5/?2?3?
20060331 Fri ASC
no fencing - wish someone woulda told me before I got all the way there!
20060329 Wed ASC
finished Epee evals
I got 1st - big surprize ;)
James was 2nd actual surprize he was doing quite well tho
Paul 3rd - he was doing poorly
Jackie didn't make it 2nd night so 4th
fenced with Shawn and was doing pretty good, trying an low half disengage up and an angle so didn't bounce off the chest protector worked 2/3 the time
Shawn 1/5 kept getting far too close in
Paul 5/3? got too close but managed to get the hit instead of him
Shawn 5/2?3?! kept better distance, did better lunges, and Shawn was hurting and his point control was off due to his arm.
20060328 Tue LB
bout night, only 2 from L2 showed
fenced Glen 15/6?
Greg 15/5?
Glen's done better, kept getting stuck in his lunge.
20060324 Fri ASC
Finished L3 evals
20060322 Wed ASC
Epee evals fenced Jackie, Paul, & James 7pt bouts
then fenced foil with William, Ramzi, Augusta, Paul, Chelsea?
lots of fencing, much workout
20060321 Tue LB
talked about maybe L3 - most for it.
20060319 Sun OCD Team Quals
Foil team "42": Shawn, me, David -
beat Untouchables - Raymond, Brian, William
and beat SCFC 1 Navarro, Lee, Ng.
Shawn was hurting bad, could hardly do his parry repost
tough bout all the way, kept running out of time after around the 3rd bout, and never got it back 43/40.
got a good repost on one guys back when he leaned over too much in the final.
took 1st place
Epee Team 3 Amigos (mike and his lack of imagaiation! 2 teams with the same name!, Me, Mike, David
fenced SCFC Stan Westrick, Ahern, Norlin, Navarro?
started bad, me & david forgot how to fence Epee :} for a bit there... but David caught us back up to only down by 1 when I went up for the final bout.
45/43 - again tough, we started low even, but made it back.
a fletche at the end trying for at least a double since we were up and pulled out the hit alone. yay :)
and took 1st as well
Paul and Suzanne _both_ showed up to watch around noon... :)
The Self-Impalers vs SCFC 2 - there was a touch when the SCFC fencer stoped turned to look at the box and got hit...
20060317 St.Pats ASC
did L3 class start eval
did a few bouts, william, ? and ?
20060316 Thur ASC
fenced with Brian (hey finally remembered ex-red socks name!) 5/2?3?
Ramzi 5/2
Chuck 5/4 from 4/1 - gah for a min there forgot how to fence chuck!
Geoff 5/1? he was a bit off, his leg was hurting him.
Shawn was around he tried fencing lefty heh
then did team vs the girls
Nadia, Deb, Augusta with Jackie
me, Brian, Ramzi with Chuck
I did pretty well vs Nadia for the 1st time lately using a modified attach on the march come in outside or low and await her beat attack and attempt to evade and in. but still got far too close too often, we did 5 or so infighting and I got one point from them, I did a bunch of fletches, but never got any. did get one reach in after a lunge tho.
20060315 WED ASC
Epee class - went well, felt really on, and it was fun, I like it but I think I'll have to stop, it's certianly not doing help for my elbow...
then fenced some foil, George was fencing but I didn't get up against him. Ramzi came back from 6 mo. off.
R? ex red socks - 5/2?3?
W? blondie 5/2?
R? - 5/2
Ramzi 5/2
20060314 Tue LB
only 3 in the L2 class today
fenced David with Epee 5/0
fenced Juan and was able to counter and parry most of his running attacks this time. 5/?4
Hubbell wore his 40lbs weight vest and fenced, a bit slower in his move but his arm was just as quick. 5/4?3?
Greg was very aggressive, but he was getting in too close & missing 5/1?
Juan again 5/?
20060310 Fri ASC
did L3 class
review COL
1/2 disengage
double disengage
all three
then added combo, coupe-disengage
did some bouting with the L3/2 kids but no one else showed for foil the rest all were doing sabre.
20060309 Thur ASC
did class stuff with the women's foil class
then another team competition same 'kids' vs. adults
but we won 27/25 only 3 point bouts as we didn't have enougth time.
20060308 Wed sick skipped
20060307 Tue LB
no Bob Greg did L1
Fenced Juan, David, Glen, David,
20060305 Sun OCD
Men's Foil of 12
did poorly in the pools, only beat Warren, Thomas Lee beat me 4/5, Jamie Wood kicked my @$$,

Mixed Epee of 6
Did very well, won all the pool and I was top seed.
David in DE 15/4?6? he got me good on the forearm catching on my armband on top, I was trying and under and did't have my arm out scooping again.
Tank in 2nd DE 15/9?12? leaned in too much = too close with body.
1st place of 5
20060303 Fri ASC
taught L3 Coupe - no money
fenced Shawn 2?3/5
William 5/?
Shawn 2?3?/5
Shawn 2/5
Nigel 5?/3?
Don't really rememeber scores, we were trying to work on stuff Shawn was talking about, attack on the March, and stuff he got from the foil clinic he (and Cara) went to on Saturday.
20060302 Thur ASC
did a mini team competition
A team
Jackie, Deborah, Aric
The Kids
Augusta Collier, Brian King, Nadia Lee
Aric/Brian 5/2
Jackie/Augusta 7/10
Deborah/Nadia 8/15
Jackie/Brian 12/20
Aric/Nadia 14/24 - beat me but good, couldn't get an on target hit, and I ran out of time
Deborah/Augusta 21/30
Jackie/Nadia 23/35
Deborah/Brian 26/40
Aric/Augusta 40/45 - tried! but couldn't get those last 7 point in 2 seconds... :}
20060301 Wed ASC Epee
200602228 TUE LB
people straggled in late, but had nearly 3/4 of people from 1st class
L2 went fine
got some bouting in, but only one box today
Glen 5/0
Cara 5/1? trying to work on distance again, and counter parry 6 repost, and not counter-attack
Juan 5/3?
Hubbell 5/0?
Cara went to the foil clinic in sandiego saturday and seemed to really like it.
Bob's talking of wanting to move the night to Monday or Wednesday instead of Tues.
Mimis - David's talking of starting 'our' own club...
20060224 Fri ASC
taught L3 - no money
fenced Shawn 2/5 from 2/0, grr I was doing okay...
fenced Nigel 5/1?
Deborah (being left handed) fenced without my arm trying to do all with parry and bind, and distance with my feet only 5/3
20060223 Thur
fenced Thomas Lee 2/5
Chuck 5/2?
Thomas in a challenge match 15/12
Shawn 1/5
Nadia in a challange match 15/9?
Chuck 5/0
20060222 Wed Epee
Looks like I may be doing the Epee class again - but in return for private lessons, so that's fine.
fenced with Jackie, the kid, and Cory a bit in Epee - then kind of finished early
20060221 Tues LB
new session
medium big L1 (over 10)
5 for L2
bouted Glen 15/5?
Cara 10/2? was holding my arm back against my side trying to use all footwork and bladework not arm length.
20060219 Sun OCD LB USFA
pool of 6 only lost to the guy who ended up #1 seed
but still thought I could've done a bit better on him
DE 15/4
but she started 0/2 So I was getting very concerned! ended up I could just out-reach
DE 13/15
almost all the way up I was 1 ahead or even then 13/12 13/13 13/14 I never felt comfortable enough with just 1 up that I could go to total defence. at the end I was pushing for the point and got to close - hell my tip ended up past hime twice! I was letting my arm go back too much not keeping an epee guard distance,. got tired, tried coupe too much, and with a bent arm. all in all I did good, but not great. I really could've done better. Even tho this guy was 3rd seed he was a U and not really above me in skill, it wasn't like I was fighting to keep up, he just pulled it out at the end and I didn't have any more.

Jackie did very well in Epee
David did good.
20060217 Fri ASC
shainghaied into L3 instructor ;)
did the L3 class
Bouted Shawn 5/4! first I've beat him in quite a while, distance, evasion attacks, and some luck
practiced with Cory, and Shawn again.
more talk of new room or back to the parks
calculated that it took about $5 in gas to get to ASC and back, so held out for $5 a night for teaching L3
20060216 Thur ASC
fenced a bit and did some Epee with Jackie
20060215 Wed ASC Epee
some drills and bouting
20060214 Tues LB
Bout night
fair number showed - for Valentines day
Cara Hanes won L2 - advanced to L3
20060210 Fri ASC
no L2 - jumped Joseph into L3 - only Lkwd to show
did some L3 stuff & assist
then bouted
Raymond 10/6
Harriet 10/1
?n kid 10/2
Alex? 10/3?4
overall a good workout
20060209 Thur ASC Foil
did some lessons with the 'girls' Foil team
then did my challenge bout with Thomas Lee for 1st place 15/9 yay I'm in 1st place
got a couple dodges of his charges, but he got more than he missed, got one fletche off a lunge, and a few parry reposts, and a couple beat - pause - attack, and a few coupes.
then Shawn challenged me 7?/15 gah I was 1st for 10 minites! :)
leaned in too much and he never once fell for a feignt except maybe a coupe, he always caught my attack, and did his repost, so I need to work on my feight attacks make them more real. got one good pressue disengane, a couple coupes, only one good counter, several off, and several bad his point, my point control wasn't great, a few times off by just a bit.
20060208 Wed ASC Epee
did 1st class L1 (a new guy started)
but then did an advanced drill
roll off the counter to 6 parry and hit their arm.
you attack in 4, opponent counter parry's to 6, you roll off the outside, angle toward their hand/arm and hit.
did a few bouts in Epee
then fenced with Shawn a bit in foil, 3/5, getting off balence on my attacks, but did some good hits, better point control, and not bad infighting.
20060207 Tues LB
finally feeling good enough to run the class and with the class
Glen 5/? getting a bit too large in his actions
did some bouting, and evansion and couters and inishiation works fine vs. Juan's charge and whirl. 5/2?3?
Hubble's just loosing his point control 5/0
all could use a L3 class again.
20060202 Thurs - 20060205 Sun
Duel in the Desert Las Vegas
20060201 Wed ASC
ugh, so sore, 2 weeks off, then 2 weeks sick, I'm sooo out of shape, ah well.
Epee class,
then fenced epee with Paul & Jackie
fenced foil with Chelsea? and new guy Alex
practiced foil with Cory a bit.
$35 for a new Lexan visor for my mask.
20060130 Tues LB
finally feeling better enough to fence some, and worn out after 4 bouts.. gah, sore after warm-ups!
fenced okay, a bit wild, and a bit slow,
Audra 5/1?
Chris Nezer 3/5
Jerry 5/3?
Glen 5/2?
David 5/3?
$25 for a new blade from Chris
20060124 Tues
Still! sick could barely talk, did the class with waveing and clapping to start/halt - worked okay tho.
20060117 Tues
gah sick, taught class, but didn't fence any.
20060113 Fri
ASC lots of bouting
then a team comp
Me, Shannon, J? = The Woves Bain
vs. Nigel, Alex, ?
27 to 25? ha! beat Nigel 3 to 1?
leaning too much, too much on front foot, sloppy disengages, and no endurance. blah 2 weeks off and I fall to crap :}
20060112 Thu
Foil ASC
fenced Geoff - he beat me soundly 3/5, 4/5, I was attacking, fletching too much, he was very good on defencive parry reposts.
I finally won one 5/3,
Geoff 4/5
busted the tip off my Russian - Already!
next bout fenced Thomas next and he did one of his strong beats - my other foil snapped off just inside the handle & fell off! end for the day. can salvage one working weapon from the 2 I think.
22060111 Wed Epee ASC
20060110 Tues LB
yay LB is back - good numbers in both L1 & 2
$28 new foil blade+wire russian
20060106 Fri
went to ASC - but not really any bouting - only redsocks around
20060104 Wed Epee ASC
20060103 Tue
went to ASC - no LB this week
brought Hubbell and Rebeckah

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