20041219 Sun
Well I _tried_ to go to the LAIFC fencing meet - but I couldn't find it in time so at 12:15 I turned around and went home..
20041210 Fri.
last OCFA for a bit.
20041207 Tue LB bout night
gah! what a mess - the park tore up the LB site - so it was 'moved' to a different park - but nobody told some of us, 2 L1 students, 4 assistants & 2 L2 students showed up & there was no class - & no sign saying it was moved. Bob wasn't there - the park manager didn't know anything about the class being moved - just that we couldn't be there. she hung around until finally someone (parent?) came by and told us about the other site.
So by the time the bouters got there for bout night it was already 30+ min late. the rain didn't help - the 2nd site park was hard to find and harder to find the building which didn't have a big enough room anyway.
But eventually it got sorted out & the contest went off fine. annoying tho.
bouted & evaluated L1 & L2. Sage did really well in form & actually going out & fencing.
moved up Sage, Alex, Kyle, & Shiva to L3
we never got anything going for L3 since it got started so late we ran out of time.
20041205 Sun OCD meet http//ocfencing.org/120504rslt.htm
Open Epee
too tired too sore & too rainy to get up in time for the Open Foil
Xaiver Pisnlski 5/4
David Ienseen 5/3
Gegan 3/5 good arm hard to get around
Deric Clarke 5/4
V3 D1 +6

15/4 she just waved her arm around beating at my blade, a disengage or thrust would go thru easy.
Gegan (again) 8/15 up from 7/4 he had a great come back, he obviously figured me out, I was doing well getting him to beat & thus move his arm out of hiding behind his bell, but I was pulling my arm back & up too much & his was getting better shots.

Mike Parish got an E04 in Foil!
Junior Olympic Quals
Cory took Gold in Sabre vs Raymond, Silver in Foil, & Silver in Epee vs Mo (with de-mask-a-tation!)
Raymond took Silver in Sabre
Nadia took Bronze in Womens Foil

20041204 Sat San Bernardino http//www.usfasb.org/
over to Tracy's at 6! am (shudder) in the Dark still. pick up Cory & Nadia on the way up. and were there by 830ish. and only beat there by Brian Regalbuto. Sam (guy who sells/repairs/ equipment @ OCD meets) was there we helped him set up & I got a replacement for the blade I broke on Tristin the other day ($37.89) so I didn't need to use any of the club stuff.
Open Sabre 9
Novice Foil - non-electric! (something about 1st year of competition or 1st competition only)
Open Foil 10
Open Epee ?
Nice, fairly well run competition, went out of their way to adjust things for people doing multiple weapons. Had all the pool calculated up on a computer program. Other than sometimes having hard time finding directors (and not like that's an unusual thing) everything was going quite smoothly (Me & Cory ended up directing quite a bit). All the bouts I saw, or was in, were directed very well (Cory has another opinion -at least regarding this one guy in his pool ;)

Open Foil of 22

Richard Baker 5/1
Justin Price 5/1
Carlos Barchona 5/0
Leslie Taft 3/5 (saberist)
V3 D1 +11
Seed 6
Nadia Seed 5
Cory Seed 7

Richard Baker 15/3?4?
Michale Hill 15/8
Cory 15/13
Mark Segal 13/15 (C)
grr, my point control was off, tired I think, he's a lefty, several of my attacks were just half inch over his left shoulder - he was going in so low & I couldn't lower enough. Several of my reposts were just nicking his bib by his left shoulder. had they all been good hits I would have been ahead 5 at least as they would have almost all have been my attack or repost.

2nd place overall (got a silver medal) = and an E04 in Foil
1st place was Mark Segal
tieing for 3rd was Cory _also_ getting an E04 in Foil
Cory had Leslie Taft for a DE & beat her to get to the round of 4 to face me

Open Epee of 20
Chapman 5/1
? 3/5
? 5/2
? 5/1
? 5/2
Seed 3

Elizabeth Olivas 15/2
Brown 15/11
Jason Saenz 10/15
tied for 3rd

1st Sanez
2nd Craig Bansmer
tie for 3rd renew E04 Epee

The club/school from Victorville? were quite a friendly bunch (Hill). There were a number of people from the OCD meets there. Craig Bansmer came in 2nd in Epee.
Swasbucklers Club had a very good showing overall.
Cory 3rd in Foil - got an E04
Aric 2nd in Foil - got an E04
Aric 3rd in Epee - renew E04

Long trip home - tons of traffic on the 57 at 7pm on a Saturday?!
so we stopped to eat, and it started raining rather hard around Tustin but mostly stopped by the time got to LB.

Sore - calves esp, and inner forearm of my R arm - those Epees are heavy! think that's from holding up the weapons, shoulders a bit sore = but not too bad from holding it up and out. calves more than thighs sore, R more than L due to lunging I suspect. need work on legs & endurance - biking would surely help - if I had the time...

3-Weapon Open and Novice Foil
San Bernardino Valley College
December 4, 2004

Mixed Epee Open - Group D1 ( of 21)
1 Jason Saenz SBVC D04
2 Craig Bansmer LAIFC
3 Aric Hershberger Swashbucklers E04
3 David Rasmussen Salle Macbean
13 Tracy Smith Swashbucklers
17 Cory Price Swashbucklers

Mixed Foil Open - Group D1 ( of 23)
1 Mark Segal LAIFC
2 Aric Hershberger Swashbucklers E04
3 Cory Price Swashbucklers E04
10 Nadia Lee Swashbucklers

Mixed Sabre Open - Group D1 ( of 11)
8 Brian Regalbuto Swashbucklers
9 Tracy Smith Swashbucklers

20041203 Fri Lakewood
fenced John 5/2? most on counters
fenced Jackie 5/3? still doing counters, but did try more reposts, or initiation & evasions
vs. Shannon 5/4
vs. Glen 5/1 he kept stopping dead after his attack was parred - must have done 3 or 4 hits parry 6 & repost over top his arm to the upper R shoulder torso.
vs. ?
vs. Alan 5/2?3? he's got those long arms, but a direct attack to the upper L shoulder or a disengage or Coupe or feint right & renewal were working.
vs. John ?
vs. Paul (as lefty) 3/5 that foil I had to use kept twisting in my grip at any beat - mine or his, had to hold it in a fist with all my might to keep in control - plus Paul was doing well.
Was trying to get a club foil to borrow for tomorrow - and after 5 or 6 finally found some that would work, but the grips were crap.
New borrow thing with $50 check. whatever.
20041201 Wed Epee
bout night. fenced Tracy, Raymond & Paul. 1st of 4 +13 if it were a pool.
my footwork was bad - loosing strength in my legs, & front foot going off the side & etc. need work on footwork.
20041130 Tues LB
did some point control drills with the L2s hit the wall parry repost disengage lunge retreat attack - all hit the same spot on the wall.
no drills just bouting. fenced Tristin 5/4 tho the last was a double that might have been a questionable call. Broke my 2nd-ary blade !! on him & no point either! did get a good hit attempting it again a beat high as he comes in and pull in stab sideways as he goes past, it broke the blade 1st time, but got the point 2nd time tried it.
Vendl 4/5 kept doing counter attack! grr, was trying not to.. had a hard time getting him to fall for any of my feint attacks.
20041123 Tues LB
Did drills on balestra-lunge = remembered how eventually.
bouted Tristin (ow my leg) 3/5 a couple of times I got initiation, and a few times managed to twist so his flick was flat. He'd recently done a scholastic tournament with the new timing - and was quite pleased his flicks still worked - "just have to hit harder"
bouted Glen 5/1?2? doing a lot of counterparry repost over top of arm for upper chest - but kept missing! (or going flat)
Now have 2! blades need rewiring....
20041119 Friday Open bouting LKWD
tried hard to do anything but counter-attack
worked on counter parrys - or letting (or leading) them attack & reposting,
Jerry came back for the 1st time in a long while & I did rather well 5/3? even if I did get in too close & do mostly close in parry repost or even infighting a bit - both of which he's usually better at.
fenced Cory 5/3 & 5/4 - he was in a mood, but I mostly hit off parry repost - tho 2 or 3 were counter-attack & twist so his flick hit flat. got one good infighting twist when he didn't pass.
fenced sage & didn't do really well with point control - all over, instead of just shoulder - but did do well on counter-parrys
Glen 5/3? & 5/1 easier on him to hold off the counter-attack & try feint disengage etc. lead into an attack for a parry repost.
Tristin 3/5 did manage a few good coupe-feints & hit, but either too often or too many or just not good enough, couldn't manage to catch his blade for repost tonight
Mike 4/5 or something like, he's so good w/parry-repost it's hard to use it back on him, but did some.

Pizza - just me, Bev, Dwyane, & Michael (1st place L2!)
20041114 Couturier Open Sabre '04 & Jerry Steiner Memorial C-Foil
Burbank Armory $25 per event.
Over to Tracy's at 645 to carpool up along with Cory

My pool
Griffin, Max (D) 2/5
Dubrzoski (U) 4/5
Johnson, Adam (E) 1/5
Meier,Diane (U) 4/5
Stuppler (D) 2/5
Victorys 0
indicators -12

seed 40 of 43

DE Scott Mattloff (U) 7/15

Craptactular { showing

too much counter attack where they still hit - not enough initiation or parry reposts, - falter when they're more aggressive?
fall back on counterattack when I'm tired (even when I was trying not to)
move feet! more
never really got going
could've gotten griffin (have before) even w/counters - he's fast & low
Dubrzoski gave it up at 4/3 ! thought I'd won then came back to win i!! that one I should've had.
Adam Johnson - great parry reposts
Meier okay reposts, I just messed up should have had than on e too -
let them learn me?
Mattloff long but slow repots should've been able to win it

Foil Seeds of 43 indicators
James Preston 8 +12
Hart 9 +11
Mike Parish 10 +8
Cory 19 -2
Tristin 24 -2
Aric 40 -12

DE Hart vs. Tristin V Hart
DE Hart vs. James Preston V James
Cory (bye)
Cory VS. Nemanick V N
Mike vs. Meier V Meier
she forced him to attack too close & got more of the infighting points

Open Sabre
seeds of 46
Charlie Moffit 29
Brian R 32
Cory 42
Raymond 43
Dennis 44
Tracy 45

beginners luck for Cory's first actual use of a sabre in a bout!
Raymond (shakehead) forgot to mention he would need equipment...
Brian R. did very well - won his first DE!

Womens Sabre

Seeds of 18
Tracy 10
Bev 18

Tracy's Pool
Edwards 3/5
D'Asaro (D?) 3/5
Shon (C?!) 5/2
Gelnaw 5/2
Carpia 2/5
1st DE bye
DE vs Melby (7 seed) V 15/5
DE D'asaro (2 seed) D 8/15

Did really well when the director was good calling parry repost (as in the pool & 1st DE)
Friday Lakewood Open Practice
fenced Shannon - practiced point control - tried to only allow hits on her shoulder
Hubbell 10/9? he's getting hard to beat - taken me the last 2 Tuesdays
Tristin 8/10
Mike 5/10 Don't know what I was doing...
Tristin 9/10 getting better vs. him ... (or his equipment is bugging him something fierce...)
Glen 10/6 he's coming along well
20041108 OCD
Open Epee
came in 2nd in my pool ind +4
won 1st DE lost 2nd to Gelnaw (who came in 3rd so don't feel too bad about it!!) couldn't touch his arm - his on guard was just too good & when I went for something else he got me first, I got a few with feints but then he stopped going for them.

1st in my pool +12
seed 10?
possibly got a bye for 1st DE(couldn't tell - didn't have time to ever ask)
Won '2nd' DE 15/12? - don't remember his ham younger kid squat asian has a super strong beat knocked me so out of line I couldn't even get back to parry. Had to counter attack & dodge cause he always caught my attacks with his beat. - prob should have tried more of something else - but it was working & I was too tired to come up with something new
won '3rd' DE 15/9 little girl she just charged in - easy to counter attack -runway - people say she was crying in the hallway after (and always does) but I didn't notice ...
lost the '4th' DE round of 8? to ? - then stayed to direct one of ? (wonthe D) bouts
left at 945!
came in 6th over all
20041105 Friday Lakewood open practice
Fenced with Raymond in Epee 4/5 I just kept missing him!
ten again 5/2 the last on a double
fenced John (but he was using a french his usual was broken) 5/2?3?
Tracy in Epee 5/ 2?3?
Allan (foil) 5/3? he's got long arms & is a lefty & doesn't make too many mistakes managed some off a parry 6 to his side rear. curve around
Tristin 5/2 !(or even if some of it was bad directing still 5/4) haven't beat him in a while
20041027 HB MC - bout night - went to help & do some bouts
20041020 West minster Epee bout night
2004 OCD LBI PCS http//ocfencing.org/lbi2004_results_menu.htm
Foil - Saturday
Pool of 7
V 2
D 4
5/3 mex
5/3 little girl
0/5 lefty
2?3 /5
?2?3 /5
Seed 60
DE 13/15 Eric Grimm seed 69
ought to have won

Anthony Gonzolas 53
Cory 57
Aric 60
Mike Parish 64
Vendl 72
Warren 79
Patrick 87

DE Cory vs David Vendl 15/13

final places
Cory Price 54
Mike Parish 57
Anthony gonolas 69
Aric 70
Vendl 75
Warren 79

Open Epee Sunday
Retz (D) 1/5 - no chance to watch him before - didn't pay attention after - watching the others
Lucasey (B) 5/4 (1/2 L arm) - didn't really seem a B maybe a bad day? for him
Segal (A) 3/5 lefty - good - don't think he was trying his best - he may have expected win.
Pena (C) 5/4 just for the heck of it did an attack on his knee - he has a deep seat & long legs pushed his knee far forward. it worked
ten at 4/4 thought why not & did it again. - after he was all "it's been 3 years I'd forgotten how to fence epee kept thinking it's only my knee it doesn't count..."
Porter (B) 5/0 ! lefty - held my on guard correctly and his attack ran his hand into my tip - 1st point
after that a lot of parry carte repost s (threw him off) and by 3/0 he'd given up. - after watching him thru the other bouts I'd expected to loose this one.
Plachecki (U) 5/3 lefty girl - I was prob tired - could have done better at least 5/1
TS 24
TR 21
ind +3

Aric 37
Cory 73

DE Aric vs. Walther, Edger (D) 15/9 - it was hard & had to keep on my feet & moving but I really always thought I had it.
DE Jake Jennings (B) 8? /15. - after he got up a bit the only touches I could get turned into doubles.

Got a E04 ! wow

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