OCD 2009-01 Foil

Tournament: OCD January 2009
Location: CSU Long Beach
Event: Open Mixed Foil
Event Class: C2
Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 9:00 AM

Place Name Club Div Ratin Earne
1 Brown, Dylan Fencing Academy of Nevada NV C08 C09
2 King, Brian Team Touche FC SND C09
3T Lee, Thomas South Coast Fencing Center ORCST C08
3T Westbury, Cameron Presidio SOCAL C08
5 Grossman, Scott Unattached (or unknown) ORCST C05
6 Mauri, Simone South Coast Fencing Center ORCST D09
7 Williams, Zachary Los Angeles International FC SOCAL E09
8 Kuzmak, Mike Faulkner School of Fencing SOCAL D08
9 Drake, David Team Touche FC SND B07
10 Hershberger, Aric Swashbucklers ORCST C08

Pool #5
1 2 3 4 5
V TS TR Ind Pl
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 1
V5 V5 V5 V5
4 20 9 +11 1
Reid, Wesley (SLH) 2 D2
D0 V4 D4
1 10 18 -8 4
Navarro, Reynaldo (SOUTHCST) 3 D4 V5
V5 V5
3 19 6 +13 2
Bunke, Wilder (MACBEAN) 4 D1 D3 D1
1 10 17 -7 3
Craig, Chris (FSF) 5 D2 V5 D0 D3

1 10 19 -9 5

Seed (3) Hershberger, Aric - C08
1st bye
2nd (3) Hershberger, Aric - C08 vs (14) King, Brian - C09 12 - 15, bah he was sandbagging :) (or well he was doing poorly in the pools anyway, else he'd be in the top 4 seeds as he should have been) I got too close, countered too often, and missed a few parries - of course he'd pretty good at evading - he'll come in high for a flick and if you go for the high parry, he'll switch to low, if you go for a low parry he'll flick high, and he was getting all his flick on target, so I wasn't dropping correctly, just bending over. If I'd have been fencing smarter I could have done a bit better, but he's good.
Still it might have been a good thing I got knocked out of foil so early, I don't think I'd have had the energy to do as well as I did in Epee if I was still doing foil DEs during the Epee pools.

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