OCD 2009-01 Epee

A09!! woot!

Tournament: OCD January 2009
Location: CSU Long Beach
Event: Open Mixed Epee
Event Class: A2
Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 12:00 PM

1 Hershberger, Aric Swashbucklers ORCST B08 A09
of 30

Pool #4
1 2 3 4 5 6
V TS TR Ind Pl
Contway, Cody (NFFC) 1
D2 V5 V5 V5 V5
4 22 16 +6 2
Fernandez, Sergio (FORTUNE) 2 V5
V5 V5 D1 V5
4 21 18 +3 3
Quiroz, Ruben (ARROW) 3 D1 D4
V5 D4 D2
1 16 24 -8 6
Laurie, Anami (MACBEAN) 4 D3 D3 D4
D4 V5
1 19 23 -4 4
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 5 D4 V5 V5 V5
4 24 15 +9 1
Sandler, Jordan (LAIFC) 6 D3 D4 V5 D3 D1

1 16 22 -6 5

seed tie for 4th, just barely won the pool Me, Cody & Sergio all had 4 victories, I beat Sergio, he beat Cody, Cody beat me.

1st DE (29) Bailey, Creston - C05 vs (4T) Hershberger, Aric - B08 6 - 15
2nd DE (20) Laurie, Anami - U vs (4T) Hershberger, Aric - B08 6 - 15 again, Laurie was doing quite well, he beat an A in his first DE. I'd fenced him previously, and in the pool earlier so I actually did think there would be any problem.
3rd DE (4T) Pingel, Thomas - B08 vs (4T) Hershberger, Aric - B08 13 - 15 made me work, but I'd been watching him earlier which I think was helpful. My fletches landed more often than his, but we both probably over did them.
4th DE (9) Brown, Alec - C08 vs (4T) Hershberger, Aric - B08 14 - 15 lots of doubles made it go very quick, we were I think 13 - 14 at the first break, and I think I won on a double. I out-reached him a bit, but when he rushed in there was still usually a double. I think I surprised him a few times with my reach on the attacks where he thought he should have gotten a double.
5th DE (4T) Hershberger, Aric - B08 vs. (7) Tovmasyan, Vahram - B08 15 - 14. He was kicking butt all the way, had given up at most 9 points previously. I only saw his last bout vs. Clawson, Brian and Tovmasyan has a very fast very strong sweeping take repost, either up or down, and Brian was getting in far too close. He also likes to sit way down at his end of the strip. So my main strategy was to let him go back there and attack from as far away as I could while still staying out of range, lots of lunging and leaping back. When he got my blade firmly I was lost, but a few times I was far enough out that I could slip out of his take and still get a touch - really by luck mostly it was nearly a flat hit - at least 2 or 3 of those, including the last one. We did have a few doubles I think, but not many. My best hits were keeping low lunging in under his sweep and touching his thigh. I think I got at least 5 or 6 of those. And one hand touch, and once being in place for his attack and him running his bicep onto my point. The fletches I tried, I think I got one, he got 2 or 3 on his repost, and I got past a few times with no touches. He was mostly ahead or even the whole way up I may have gotten ahead once or twice but not for long. I was getting worried at the end my lunges were getting shorter, I was getting tired and I'd been getting a cramp in my front thigh starting the previous bout, which made me have to get in closer to touch. The last touch I went in for the thigh but not with a lunge, he caught it but not fully, I slipped off his blade and bounced the tip off his chest while he twisted and tried his repost but caught on my bell, a bit of luck really. And boy was he loud...
I had a nice cheering section, Cody, Sergio, and Sam were all there. Plus about 30 guys waiting for us to finish up so they could play basketball... :)

Place Name Club Div Ratin Earned
1 Hershberger, Aric Swashbucklers ORCST B08 A09
2 Tovmasyan, Vahram Swords SOCAL B08 B09
3T Clawson, Brian No Fear Fencing Club ORCST A07
3T Brown, Alec Fencing Academy of Nevada NV C08 B09
5 Alexander, Charles No Fear Fencing Club SND A09
6 Riviere, Paul Encinitas Fencing Academy SND B08
7 Pingel, Thomas Presidio SOCAL B08
8 Arutyunhynts, Artyoms San Diego Fencing Center SND B08
9 Lu, Peter UCLA Fencing Club SOCAL C08
10 Contway, Cody No Fear Fencing Club ORCST C08
11 Fernandez, Sergio Fortune Fencing ORCST A07
12 Qureshi, Samir Fortune Fencing SOCAL D09
13 Hewitt, Frank Cabrillo Academy of the Sword SND B08
14 Magner, Jon No Fear Fencing Club SND B07
15 Winton, Guy San Diego Fencing Center SND D08
16 Laurie, Anami Salle MacBean SNBER U
17 Gegan, Natalie Los Angeles International FC SOCAL A09
18 Walton, Curran La Jolla Golden Blades SND U
19 Wang, Eric UCLA Fencing Club SOCAL U
20 Carson, Iain Swords SOCAL C08
21 Salter, Alexander Fortune Fencing ORCST U
22 Boisson, Oceane Unattached (or unknown) SOCAL B08
23 Sandler, Jordan Los Angeles International FC SOCAL C08
24 Quiroz, Ruben Arrowhead Fencing Club SNBER E08
25T Lee, Thomas South Coast Fencing Center ORCST U
25T Fernandez, Lucero Fortune Fencing SOCAL U
27 Olson, Brian Salle Couturier ORCST C07
28 Sahagian, Izzy Los Angeles International FC SOCAL E08
29 Bailey, Creston No Fear Fencing Club NAT C05
30 Windenburg, Kellie Presidio SOCAL C07

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