OCD 11 November 2007

Open Mixed Foil
B2 38 entries
Sunday, November 11, 2007 - 9:00 AM
10 Hershberger, Aric Swashbucklers ORCST D07

Pool #1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
V TS TR Ind Pl
Merry, William (SWASH) 1
D1 D3 D0 D3 D4 D1
0 12 30 -18 7
Nicholas, Olena (SBFA) 2 V5
D0 D0 D1 D2 D1
1 9 26 -17 6
Cheng, Alex (LASD) 3 V5 V5
D3 V5 V5 D3
4 26 19 +7 3
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 4 V5 V5 V5
V5 V5 D4
5 29 9 +20 2
Sarkis, Fadi (LANCIER) 5 V5 V5 D3 D1
V5 D0
3 19 21 -2 4
Ismael, Simon (CONEJO) 6 V5 V5 D3 D0 D2
2 17 26 -9 5
Moran, David (SOUTHCST) 7 V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 V5

6 30 11 +19 1

Alex was tough, but I think he thinks I'm still better and psychs himself out. Moran well, he's good, extremely good point control. His actions are sometimes really huge - but he does it on purpose and he can still _aim_ from far out of line. There were 2 calls in my favor, so he was starting to get annoyed :) 4/4 he got me good and hard in the right shoulder - ouch, right in a muscle.

1 = Bye
2 = (37) Merry, William - U 15 - 9. He's done better, but his heart wasn't in it, still upset about his performance in the pools.
3 = (12) Wiscombe, Simon - U 9 - 15. Collegiate - he's no U, I was holding my own up to the break it was even or him up 1 or me up 1, but his aim was slightly better and a couple of my attacks missed, then I started pushing - not as much previous, but enough to throw me off. And my shoulder was killing me :) slowing my full arm extension. He beat me, but I think it was closer than it looks.

Heh I ended up directing the gold medal bout! And I don't think I messed anything up, threw out 2 but at least didn't end up calling something I was not sure about.

Ah well I was out by the time my late Epee pool started.

Open Mixed Epee
B2 39 entries
8 Hershberger, Aric Swashbucklers ORCST D06 D07

Pool #6
1 2 3 4 5 6
V TS TR Ind Pl
Laurie, Anami (MACBEAN) 1
V5 D1 D3 D3 D3
1 15 21 -6 5
Kunihiro, Ashley (GFS) 2 D1
D3 D1 D2 D4
0 11 25 -14 6
Illingworth, Adam (UNAT) 3 V5 V5
D4 V5 V5
4 24 14 +10 1
Hewitt, Frank (CAB) 4 V5 V5 V5
D4 V5
4 24 16 +8 2
Cordner, Jeff (FORTUNE) 5 V5 V5 D2 V5
3 18 19 -1 4
Hershberger, Aric (SWASH) 6 V5 V5 D3 D3 V5

3 21 18 +3 3

Gave up too many touches overall. Cordner was having a bad day, I got a nice hand touch, and a good arm hit, and the final touch to the leg, but the others were his mistakes. He usually beats me. Illingsworth was good fast, and wriggly with attacks from out of line. I might have done better, but.. . Again my shoulder was hurting so I had to keep my arm up against my body until I made an attack, I just couldn't hold it out for any time. That's not too far off what I usually do , but it did throw me off a little. Hewitt had strong beats that I should have been able to evade, or at least I should have been able to dodge back with my feet, but I didn't. Think I could have taken him. Kunihiro I shouldn't have given up anywhere near as many touches I could out reach, but I was having a hard time doing it. Laurie (Napoleon) is an amusing kid, but I messed up too much it should have been 1/5 at best.

1 = Bye
2 = (16) Kuiken, Matthew - U 15 - 10. I've fenced him in pools before, and he's pretty good.
3 = (33T) Vendl, David - U, 8 - 15. Sorry to have to beat him after his astounding upset.
(1) Valbuena, Xavier - C07 vs. (33T) Vendl, David - U 9 - 15 ! Xavier started ahead but David got some good hits early on they were about 5/5 then David got ahead and Xavier just lost it he kept doing the same attack - one which David was able to counter and usually hit off of. The further David got ahead the worse Xavier was fencing. Xavier mostly beat himself, but David was able to see and take advantage of his mistakes. It was a pretty big upset for 33 to beat #1 seed!
4 = (9) Wells, Trent - D07 14 - 15 Damn it was close. from around 11/10 I was ahead to 13/14, and all I needed was a double, but I got to close he evaded it 14/14 then he did a good quick attack and I wasn't able to get away fast or far enough. By this time I was a bit sore and tired but! not nearly as tired as I used to get! so I blame my sore shoulder. around the middle of the bout he hit me on the right shoulder 3 time of the day for the same spot! the outside of the right arm all the way from my pinkie & ring fingers up through my elbow to my shoulder all went numb and tingly! took a good few seconds for the feeling to come back. For a second there I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hold onto the epee any more. Trent was a good guy and it was a fun bout. He went on to place 2nd. and get a C which could have been mine! :)

Hung around to get my D07 card for Epee and got home at 8:00

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