Senior Mens Epee Pacific Coast Championships 2009

Senior Men's Epee: 76 Competitors, a A4 Event
40 of 76, which was not too bad. Fenced righthanded, since I didn't have any lefty epee gear.

Pool #10
Competitor --- Club
V (%) TS TR Ind Pl
Spivack, Robert : HALB 1
2 (33%) 13 21 -8 6
Brown, Alec : FAN 2 V4
4 (66%) 23 20 3 2
Getsla, Chris : CAB 3 V5V5
3 (50%) 22 22 0 5
Le Beau, Andrew : SLH 4 V4D2V5
3 (50%) 21 20 1 4
Hershberger, Aric : SWASH 5 D3D3V5V4
3 (50%) 21 19 2 3
Colgate, Kenneth : RRFC 6 D2D4D2D1D0
0 (0%) 10 28 -18 7
Fernandez, Sergio : FORTUNE 7 V3V5V5V4V5V5

6 (100%) 27 7 20 1

Took me until the 4th bout to remember how to fence, but did ok after that... well Sergio still kicked my butt, but at least I won 3 of 6

seed (35) Hershberger, Aric :SWASH
at least I made the 80% cut in epee

(29) Brown, Alec 15 - 9
bah, I was doing ok, good even at the start, remembering how to fence epee keep my arm out there and let him run into it (essentially) but my elbow started to hurt and I had to keep resting my arm, lowering my weapon and resting the pommel on my front leg, it took too long to return to attack from there and he got several that should have been doubles, then my point control started to go - again from my arm being too sore - and I missed a few that could have been mine or at least doubles. I remembered him from my pool, and even though he'd beat me then I should have had an easier time than this. He has a good fast lunge, but I should have been able to double those, and when I kept my attack out, I was able to catch his arm coming in, or evade and hit a few times as he came in. but... And after I'd done such a great job of fixing my epee that had broken a wire - doing a splice and everything - that's the one that broke... double lunge he went under my blade and I caught his jacket on the lower back? and snapped it. I could hold my arm out in attack but the slightest beat or strike against it hurt my elbow, and if I tried to flick, or coupe that would hurt. So my arm was certainly not well yet. I guess I'll stay 'off' it for another 2 or 3 months, see if that helps. Suppose I need to get some lefty gear now... Gelnaw directed.

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