OCFA Open 2008-09-21 Sunday

Don't have the results yet.

Open Foil
Lost to Thomas Lee in the pool 4/5
seed something like 12 or 7?
of 18

vs. Parrish won
vs. Kevin Lee (who I beat in my pool 5/1!) lost I wasn't doing the right stuff, it wasn't until the end of the bout I remembered what I should have been doing) moving much more, awaiting for something, not going in first. He got ahead at the beginning and I tried to push back, and shouldn't have.


won my pool
seed ?
in the round of 4 vs. Derek Clark (A07) victory!
I think that's the first time I've ever beaten Derek, I don't actually run up against him all that often. His previous bout vs. Brewer was full of flicks to the arm. I managed to get a few by going in as he pulled up to flick, and then some doubles, and was ahead. He had to push so I awaited his attack and jumped back, then when he pulled back after missing lunged, or fletched in. That worked rather well.
for the gold vs. Riviere, Paul B08 15/14 victory.
He has a good sweep to the outside and repost as I fletched by. got me 4 times like that, and after the 2nd I knew it wouldn't work, but once he opened up I just couldn't resist going for the fletche, I guess I'd practiced that a bit too much. I was ahead at first but he was climbing back and at the end I was up 14/12 when I did the last 2 fletches that he got me on, tying it up at 14/14, managed to get in at the end with something like a parry 4 sliding repost to his shoulder as his tip was past me.

Rather more pleased that I beat Derek, who's been around for a while now and I know is quite good, since I did it by fencing well. Riviere wouldn't have been so close if I hadn't been making so many mistakes,

Won the Epee of 20 and earned by B08

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