Long Beach Open 2006-11-12

20061112 Sun OCD meet
did Epee, wasn't feeling well at all in the morning
Van Winkle 5/3 U - she got _really_ upset in later bouts she lost
Silva 5/1 C06 - astounding, she didn't seem a C
Gelnaw (lefty) 1/5 A04 he did a hard beat to 4 repost to my high outside after I attack, I get stuck in a lunge.
Correa 5/4 U (8/9 kept doubling on 4/4, until finally he went to my mask and it didn't go off)
Strutner 5/1  U little kid Gelnaw let win
Gelnaw let the girls get lots of points on him, so I won the pool by one point!
Seed 8 of 43
2) Silva! V
3) Glenaw!! 13/14 he was playing with me tho, and wanted to get to 14/14 but I misjudged the time, I did get some good hits with double disengages,  got a leg touch, but I dunno if he just missed me on the way in., got a lucky hand hit and a good switch over arm hit sort of a tight touching disengage.
He was seed 9 so I may end up in 9th.

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"We're all mad here" said the Cat, "I'm mad you're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?"
"You must be, or you wouldn't be here."
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